Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #6

(Copyright_DC Comics)

(Copyright_DC Comics)

Welcome back once more, fellow fans of the amazing Amazon to; Classic Wonder Woman, Precinct1313’s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Diana of Themyscira. This week we delve into the Amazon archives to bring you: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #6, written by Len Wein, with cover and interior art by George Perez. Released in July 1987.

The titanic tale secreted behind this amazing Perez cover is titled “Powerplay”. Diana and Ares face off in a bitter duel, in her bid to thwart the Greek God of War from his maniacal scheme to bring a final conflict that will end mankind.


Olympian and son of Zeus, Ares, has long been a thorn in the side of Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons. His first appearance was in Wonder Woman #1 in 1942, introduced as a protagonist, with his ultimate goal of eternal war and conflict in the world of man, he is predominantly opposed by Aphrodite, who wishes a harmonious civilisation amongst the humans. Whilst the followers who worshipped Ares fought amongst themselves, killing off their weaker brothers, Aphrodite enacted her plan to create a race of superior warrior women, to guide the world into a more peaceful existence, and thus the Amazons were born. Ares, despite being the son of Zeus never conformed with his godly brothers and sisters, leaving Olympus to form his own realm, Areopagus  (Ares’ Rock.)

WW Ares new 52

In the recent “New 52” reboot of the DC Universe, Ares, who is now regularly referred to as “War” appears as an aged man with his legs and feet permanently stained with the blood of generations of conflict. With the revelation that Diana is actually the demi-god daughter of Zeus, their dynamic changed, Ares is revealed to be one of Diana’s former mentors, training her in the ways of martial combat and this early meeting of their relationship takes on a father/daughter bond. However when Diana is tasked by Ares to slay the Minotaur, she is unable to do so, and this showing of kindness and compassion made her a failure in the eyes of Ares. More recently, Diana herself has inherited the title of God Of War, after regretfully killing her Olympian brother whilst attempting to stop the insidious plans of the First Born. In his dying breath, Ares forgives and commends Diana before being taken to the afterlife by Hades

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my amazing Amazonian associates!

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  1. Only just found this – didn’t appear on my Reader fr some reason.
    Don’t want to miss these Posts, as I am a big fan of cover art; this 1 is brilliant! Never seen before, cheers!

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  2. I do notice that WordPress’ reader is rather intermittent at times, George Perez’s art always makes for a great cover!


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