Movie Mausoleum


Welcome to the Precinct1313’s movie mausoleum, where great movies come to rest…

The Scribbler: 2014 Movie Review

Suicide Squad: The Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

The Phantom: 20th Anniversary Review

Dredd: 2012 Movie Review

In The Mouth Of Madness: 1994 Movie Review

The Warriors Way: 2010 Movie Review

Modern British Cult Cinema: HOWL

Modern British Cult Cinema: Franklyn

Modern British Cult Cinema: OUTPOST

Modern British Cult Cinema: Black Death

Modern British Cult Cinema: Centurion

Modern British Cult Cinema: Doomsday

Modern British Cult Cinema: Severance

Solomon Kane: 2009 Movie Review

The Crow

300: Rise Of An Empire – 2014 Review

Shoot ‘Em Up: 2007 Movie Review

Precinct1313’s Favourite Fearless Fighting Female Furies:

Moon Lee


All Movie Reviews Are Copyright: Precinct1313

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