Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #150

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

The antediluvian Amazon archives opens its ancient gateway once again for another instalment of “Classic Wonder Woman” Precinct1313’s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Diana of Themyscira. This week we present to you; Wonder Woman (volume 2) #150. Written by: Eric Luke. Cover art by: Adam Hughes. Interior art by: Matthew Clark. Released in November 1999.

This weeks episode heralds yet another stunning illustration from the astonishing Adam Hughes, this is actually my second favourite WW cover of all time (due to this classic Bolland cover being my overall fave.) And like the Bolland cover, Adam Hughes artwork was so popular amongst the fans that it was turned into a rather marvellous statue, part of DC’s extremely popular Covergirls series of sculpts.


This oversized anniversary issue is titled “Godwar: Conquest” and finds our titular heroine and her council of war, Zeus, Rama and Hanuman preparing battle plans to confront the nefarious forces of Kronos (Cronus) as he and his chosen pantheon assault the gates of heaven. As Kronos puts angels to the sword, it is up to Wonder Woman and her team of Greek and Hindu gods to stop the slaughter, and put to an end Kronos‘ plan of deadly ascension.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my admirable Amazonian associates! 

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