80 Years Of The Phantom: Old Jungle Sayings…

Continuing our celebration of The Phantom’s 80th anniversary we bring you “Old Jungle Sayings” an important part of classic Phantom lore, that encapsulates the respect or fear of the Ghost Who Walks amongst his friends and foes. Introduced by his creator Lee Falk in 1946 and originally called “Old Native Sayings,” though a precursor to this originally appeared in the 1936 tale – “The Singh Brotherhood,” where it stated that “The Phantom only warns once.”

Lee Falk continued to punctuate his Phantom tales with these ‘Jungle Sayings’ for the duration of his life, and had created around 250 of them by the time of his death in March 1999.


Other classic sayings include:

“The Phantom has a thousand eyes, and a thousand ears.”

“The Phantom moves as silently as the jungle cat.”

“When the Phantom strikes, lightning stands still.”

“The Phantom has the strength of ten tigers.”

“No man can refuse the voice of the Phantom.”

“When the Phantom is angry, the jungle shakes.”

‘For Those Who Came In Late’ why not continue celebrating the 80th anniversary of the phenomenal and phantastic Phantom with Precinct1313, our next instalment is a review of the awesome 1996 movie adaptation. 

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