Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #219

WW vol 2 #219

Copyright: DC Comics

By Zeus’ decree, we continue our search through the ancient Amazon archives to bring you yet another thrilling instalment of  “Classic Wonder Woman,” Precinct 1313’s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the Themysciran Titan.

This week’s tantalising tome is titled ‘Sacrifice’ and is brought to you by master scribe Greg Rucka, with a cadre of amazing artists that includes – Rags Morales, David Lopez and Karl Kerschl, plus another incredible cover by JG. Jones. Released: September 2005.

WW v 2 #219 v supes

Sacrifice is the conclusion of a 4 part crossover story that continues from Superman #642. After Superman almost beats Batman to death, it is discovered by the Martian Manhunter that he was under the control of Maxwell Lord , powerful telepathic and one time chairman of Justice League International and shadowy corporation Checkmate.

In the 2005 “Countdown To Infinite Crisis,” it was revealed that Max was actually a criminal mastermind who had reformed the Justice League to gain pertinent information about Superheroes, whom he considered a considerable threat to the planet. Max was gifted by Alex Luthor (God-like son of an alternate Earth Lex,) Batman’s Brother Eye satellite system (which the Caped Crusader used to keep a paranoid check on the various planetary Superheroes.) With the control of Brother Eye, Max created an army of O.M.A.C.s (nano infected humans, transformed into powerful cyborgs) which he programmed to hunt down and destroy Earth’s Superhuman population.

Wondy v Supes

Once again under the mind control of Lord, Superman is sent to kill Wonder Woman after Max convinces him that Diana is actually his old nemesis Doomsday, and an epic super-power beatdown ensues, with DC’s two biggest heavy hitters clashing head on.

In the midst of the monumental battle, Diana realises that even if she beats Superman he will still ultimately be under the control of Lord. Breaking from the battle she manages to ensnare Lord with her golden lasso, and Lord bound by the power of Diana’s lasso of truth tells Diana that the only way she can stop him, is to kill him. Diana obliges, snapping his neck. Brother Eye broadcasts the footage of Diana killing Lord across the planet, destroying Diana’s reputation as a hero in the eyes of the world and ending her ties with the Justice League, with Batman and Superman also turning their backs on her.


Diana has always been DC’s greatest and most skilled combatant, with centuries of martial training and demi-god status she is an almost unbeatable force. She combines this power though, with a compassion and respect of all living things that transcends her capacity for violent action. But she also has never shied away from what must be done to keep Earth and its population safe from any and all threat to innocent life, and has on occasion taken a life to save countless others.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my adventurous Amazonian associates!

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  1. Hard to believe Wonder Woman giving Superman a beatdown, but I guess anything is possible in comics. Great issue!

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  2. Hard to believe, and there they were, smooching away on th cover of that Action Comics issue back in ’88. Superheroes, eh? Can never understand them…
    Hey, thanks for supporting my Medievil drafts – really appreciate it!

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