Comic Cover Of The Week: Supergirl (Vol 1): The Girl Of Steel

SG vol1 GOS

(DC Comics, 2016)

Welcome my comic collecting cohorts, to another instalment of “Comic Cover Of The Week.” This week our spotlight of the superb falls upon – ‘Supergirl (volume 1): The Girl Of Steel’ technically a trade paperback (or Graphic Novel, if you prefer) rather than a single issue comic, but the highlight falls upon this particular tome because of its stunning Michael Turner cover illustration

I have always loved Michael Turner’s artwork, having first discovered his outstanding talent on Top Cow’s Witchblade series. From this early work, he went on to create his own series for Top Cow, the amazing “Fathom” which initially ran from 1998 to 2002, when the series was suspended after Michael Turner was regrettably diagnosed with cancer.

Supergirl and Superman

Magnificent Michael Turner Artwork From “Superman/Batman: Supergirl”

Michael left Top Cow shortly after his diagnosis in 2002 to found his own comic book publishing company – Aspen. It was 2004 that Michael started producing cover art for DC Comics, mostly for The Flash and the seven issue mini-series Identity Crisis. His greatest work for me though was his illustrating of the entire six issue Supergirl arc in the monthly Superman/Batman series. His unique style really brought to life some of my very favourite Superheroes, especially his versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, and of course the titular Girl of Steel herself.

Michael unfortunately passed away on June 27, 2008 from the pre-diagnosed cancer, leaving the world of comic book creators a much poorer place. This instalment of Comic Cover Of The Week is dedicated to his fantastic talent.

M Turner classic art

Supergirl (vol-1): Girl Of Steel, is available right now at your local comic book emporium. This terrific tome comprises 144 pages and brings together writer Jeph Loeb’s classic run from Supergirl #0-10 and #12. With artist contributions from Amanda Conner, Ian Churchill, Ed Benes, Norm Rapmund, and the aforementioned captivating cover from Michael Turner.

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  1. What an amazing talent – shame to b deprived of a talent so early.
    That is such a striking cover

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michael Turner really was awesome, worth a watch (or read) is Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the animated movie recreates Michael’s art-style beautifully.


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