Comic Cover Of The Week: Batgirl #48

BG #48

(DC Comics-2016)

New comics Wednesday is upon us once more, my comic collecting cohorts, and our spotlight of the sublime this week falls upon “Batgirl #48” and this fantastic Babs Tarr illustration featuring two of Gotham’s greatest guardians.

“When Batgirl gets taken down, Black Canary once again comes to her rescue. Babs and Dinah team up in an attempt to determine the identity of the malicious mastermind making their presence felt in Gotham’s Burnside district.”

BG #48 panel

Babs’ awesomely quirky anime influenced art has been a real selling point for Batgirl since she took over artistic duties in issue #35. Batgirl’s change of pace and direction has been helped immeasurably by Babs’ style, which greatly suits the fun and upbeat nature of Ms Gordon’s nightly escapades as the feisty red-headed avenger. The refreshing change of pace ultimately suits the character, if you like your Bat-family adventures dark and brooding then you still have Batman and Batwoman to fall back upon, but if you want to read a fun, feel good comic with striking artwork, then why not let Batgirl be your femme-fatale of choice.

Batgirl #48 is available at your local comic-book emporium right now. Written by: Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. Cover and interior art by: Babs Tarr.

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