Precinct1313’s All Time Favourite Wonder Woman Cover Artists: The Brian Bolland Years

Suffering Sappho! it’s lovely to see you down here in the Precinct’s legendary – Ancient Amazon Archives – my astonishing amazonian associates, and just why have we convened within these hallowed Hellenic halls you may ask, well, to celebrate the international icon known as Wonder Woman of course, and the fantastic artistic auteurs who have, over the decades, brought us some of the most vivid, bold and downright sensational comic cover visions of the wondrous one.

And our first step forward unto this opulent odyssey is with brilliant Brit – Brian Bolland – whose 90’s run on Wonder Woman covers was not only award winning, but also contains some of my personal favourite Wondy covers of all time


The great Brian Bolland is a British comic-book artist/writer who began his illustrious illustrative career in 1977 with the eternally popular British anthology comic – 2000AD. It was here that Brian cut his artistic teeth on seminal characters such as Judge Dredd where his artwork shone in thrilling tales like – The Dark Judge saga, Block Mania and The Cursed Earth.

Brian was one of the very first Brit artists to be snapped up by DC Comics in the 1980’s in what’s come to be known as the “The British Invasion Of Comics” which in turn transformed the comic-book industry at the time. His most notable and popular work to come out of his collaboration with DC is without a doubt the Batman one shot – The Killing Joke – which he worked on alongside other fellow Brit creators, writer – Alan Moore and artist – John Higgins. For me though, it will always be his peerless run on Wonder Woman’s 90’s comic series, his compelling covers were always gorgeously composed works of detailed art that, through one solitary cover image alone, always managed to ably convey the titanic tale awaiting to be discovered within. So let’s indulge ourselves with a small sampling of Brian’s thrilling take on the Themysciran Titan…

wondy bb1


wondy bb2


Great Hera! thanks so much for joining us on this fabled foray into the vivacious visuals of Wonder Woman courtesy of the bodacious and brilliant Brian Bolland! Until next time, wondrous ones!

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  1. Awesome selection of covers! 😀

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    • Yes indeed my friend, Brian Bolland is one of my absolute fave artists whom I first discovered when I was around seven years old through his stunning art on Judge Dredd, been a lifelong fan of his ever since, with his 90’s Wondy cover run being my favourite of all his work (that said, his art in Batman: The Killing Joke is just sublime!) 🙂

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