Gotham City Is In Trouble, Call For … Sideshow Collectibles!


You too can call for the Dark Knight with this epic Bat-Signal replica replete with scarily realistic Jim Gordon and John Blake statues by the talented folks at Sideshow Collectibles. The rooftop scene from the awesome Dark Knight Rises movie where Blake confronts Gordon about the Batman’s disappearance has been recreated in perfect detail, and yes the Bat-Signal actually works!

No-one can touch Sideshow when it comes to creating detailed and realistic looking characters from movies, comics and games, and this set in particular is astounding in how they have captured the look of actors Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, skin textures and blemishes included, the detail is unreal.


The figures themselves stand at 12″ in height and have over 30 points of articulation, they also come with a variety of accessories including interchangeable hands, pistols, walkie talkies and more. The Bat-Signal not only lights up but is also fully rotatable through 360 degrees, be careful about shining it out your bedroom window though, as the Caped One hates having his time wasted responding to fan’s whims!


The Gordon/Blake set was sculpted and painted by the extremely talented JC Hong, Yong Kyum and Kojun, and is available right now through Sideshow Collectibles website ( and all good comic and collectible shops. 

Precinct1313 Rating: Bat-tastic!

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  1. these are so great I’d love to make a scale model with them and other figures in it but it would be HUGE seeing as how tall these figures are . .. very cool

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    • They really are amazing aren’t they! and yeah a diorama would be cool but massive, also rather cost prohibitive, they are rather expensive (but definitely worth the money)

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      • I’ll probably end up building one but based off the masters series toys from the movie there at least 6 in and the vehicales are the same size to much cheaper but not as detailed obviously. the whole thing would be less then 1/2 the size too. I’d love to use real water for the waterfall and have the batcave platforms raise and lower too

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