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Batman Spotlight: Modern Age Batman Statue


Our roving spotlight of excellence manages to capture an exclusive look at the shadowy figure of the Batman, as he steps out of the shadows and onto your collectors shelves. This stunning Sideshow Collectibles statue of the Caped Crusader transports us back in time to the halcyon days of the 70’s and early 80’s Batman (my personal favourite Bat-era) The classic blue and grey costume, iconic yellow bat oval, this stunning sculpture encapsulates everything we love about the Dark Knight.

Sc Bats

Dark, Brooding… and just bloody awesome!

Sideshow Collectibles once again produce an absolutely sublime statue, standing over two feet in height and beautifully hand painted, it also ships with two interchangeable and unique head sculpts. Designed by Walter O’Neil and David Igo and masterfully sculpted by Martin Canale, Guillermo Barbiero and Martin Demonte, this piece is available right now and limited to 2000 worldwide. Honestly, I have to say this is without doubt the finest Batman figure I have ever seen, a must have for Gotham groupies everywhere.

Batgirl Prepares To Step Out Of The Shadows…

(DC Comics/Sideshow Collectibles - 2015)

(DC Comics/Sideshow Collectibles – 2015)

Even though there have been several different characters that have inherited the mantle of Batgirl since her introduction by Batman cocreator Bill Finger in 1961, the most famous and without a doubt popular of these has always been Barbara (Babs) Gordon, the flame haired daughter of Gotham City’s very own Commissioner Gordon.

And so, in honour of one of the world’s premier female crime-fighters, Sideshow Collectibles is readying to launch their very own tribute to Babs, with this astonishingly detailed premium format statue that captures everything we love about the ravishing red-headed vigilante.

Batgirl 2

Standing an impressive 22.5″ in height and clad in her iconic black and blue costume, batarang in hand, this is yet another meticulously detailed and seriously impressive piece from the masters at Sideshow. Based on an original design by comic book artist supreme Stanley Lau, and sculpted by Sideshow’s impressively talented staff, this is a piece no fan of Gotham’s favourite daughter should be without. Moulded in high quality polystone and lovingly hand painted by expert painters, Kate Sapene and Mireya Romo-Bowen, Babs is available to pre-order right now, is limited to just 1500 pieces and will ship in September 2015.

Bgirl statue 

Gotham City Is In Trouble, Call For … Sideshow Collectibles!


You too can call for the Dark Knight with this epic Bat-Signal replica replete with scarily realistic Jim Gordon and John Blake statues by the talented folks at Sideshow Collectibles. The rooftop scene from the awesome Dark Knight Rises movie where Blake confronts Gordon about the Batman’s disappearance has been recreated in perfect detail, and yes the Bat-Signal actually works!

No-one can touch Sideshow when it comes to creating detailed and realistic looking characters from movies, comics and games, and this set in particular is astounding in how they have captured the look of actors Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, skin textures and blemishes included, the detail is unreal.


The figures themselves stand at 12″ in height and have over 30 points of articulation, they also come with a variety of accessories including interchangeable hands, pistols, walkie talkies and more. The Bat-Signal not only lights up but is also fully rotatable through 360 degrees, be careful about shining it out your bedroom window though, as the Caped One hates having his time wasted responding to fan’s whims!


The Gordon/Blake set was sculpted and painted by the extremely talented JC Hong, Yong Kyum and Kojun, and is available right now through Sideshow Collectibles website ( and all good comic and collectible shops. 

Precinct1313 Rating: Bat-tastic!

Power Girl Unleashed…

PG sideshow

Well this is awesome, Sideshow Collectibles once again show their superior sculpting skills with this amazingly lifelike statue of Kryptonian – Power Girl, aka  Kara Zor-EL. Kara hails from the alternate dimension of Earth 2, where she is known as Supergirl, after being stranded on Earth One with her best friend and fellow Superhero The Huntress, she changed her name to Power Girl/Karen Starr to differentiate herself from Earth One’s resident Supergirl. Cousin to Superman with the same powers, PG is one of DC Comic’s most enduring and beloved characters.

PG Art sideshow

Original design by the amazing Stanley Lau

Sideshow’s premium format statue follows hot on the heels of last month’s Wonder Woman statue and is equally as gorgeous. Designed by the extremely talented Stanley Lau, this amazingly detailed statue stands at an impressive 21 inches in height. 


Sculpted in polystone by the very talented team of Andy Bergholtz, Mark Newman, Earl Ellis and Joe Menna, with the meticulous paintwork by Kat Sapene and Mireya Romo-Bowen. Sideshow are the kings of statue makers, Power Girl is limited 3000 statues worldwide and is also available in an even more exclusive limited variant edition with an interchangeable head. 

PG alt

Variant version

We are huge fans of Power Girl here at the Precinct, you may recognise her as our header image for the website, so it goes without saying that we will probably have to get this at some point (as soon as our wallets recover from the expense of the Sideshow collectibles Wonder Woman purchase) Sideshow pre-orders begin November 13th, so if you like the look of this stunning statue head on over to their site PG fans.

“Great Hera” – Wonder Woman Brought To Life…

ww premium statue

Now then, we have a very large collection of Superhero statues down here in Precinct1313’s comic crypt, and over half of them are of the amazing Amazon – Wonder Woman. Now it’s no secret that we love Diana here at the at the Precinct, she ranked number one on our favourite comic book characters of all time … but all of a sudden our extensive collection feels severely lacking since Sideshow collectibles showed off their interpretation of the Themysciran Greek Goddess.

ww premium statue

Sideshow Collectibles are ‘the’ manufacturer of museum quality statues and prop replicas, established in 1994, the company makes the very best in limited edition comic book and movie characters. This awesome Wonder Woman statue stands at 25.5 inches in height and approximately 11.5 inches in width at the base, made from high quality polystone the statue was designed by Zane Yarbrough and Kris Anka, with the paintwork by Kat Sapene and lovingly sculpted by Steve Schumacher.

ww premium statue 5

Standing atop a broken colosseum pillar, Diana’s armour and weaponry at her feet this statue is the very best realisation of a Wonder Woman  figure we have seen to date, limited to just 3500 worldwide and costing around £250/$399 … it is available by pre-order and is limited to only one per customer … now where did I put my credit card…

ww premium statue 4