Wonder Woman #750: Celebrating An Icon

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Iconic is absolutely an apt terminology for William Moulton Marston’s legendary creation – Wonder Woman. Icon comes to us from the original ancient Hellenic word – Eika, and with Diana’s entire narrative background tied up (sometimes literally – the Amazons were famous for bondage games!) in Greek mythology, I could not think of a phrase that encapsulates the Amazon Princess any more effectively.


Diana first leapt onto the pages of comic-books in the 1941 issue of All Star Comics #8, and from that point began her legendary odyssey through the annals of comic history with close to eight decades of epic storylines of emancipation, liberation and love.  Diana’s rich heritage is tied to her ability to empathise and forgive, traits not necessarily intrinsic to the majority of Superheroes, who tend to rely on fists, brute force and their overtly herculean super-powers to right any wrongs that present themselves.


Wonder Woman was always cut from a different cloth, preferring to extend a hand in friendship rather than raise a fist in anger. Diana’s real life creation from her genius architect, the aforementioned William Marston is key to the character’s enduring legacy of liberation and amnesty. Marston’s ideal for the character came from his groundbreaking (especially for the era) work in the feminist and suffragette movements of the 1930’s and 40’s, with birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger, in particular her work – Woman and the New Race becoming a catalyst for Diana’s eventual fictional birth in 1941.

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An astonishing seventy nine years later, Wonder Woman is actually more popular now than she has probably ever been, with a whole new audience outside of her fervent comic-book fandom brought into her Amazonian ranks thanks to her recent and magnificent celluloid outing in Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins’ 2017 movie. She has been in continuous print since her iconic inception, is the original blueprint for virtually every female Superhero that has been created since her dazzling debut and is still THE fictional front woman for feminism and emancipation in the world today. I am sure Dr William Marston is looking down from his well deserved place on Mount Olympus and smiling, watching as his monumental creation continues to spread her message of hope and love to all the masses both fictional, and real.

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To celebrate Wondy’s 750th issue DC Comics have brought together some of the Themysciran Titans’ most revered story tellers and artists – George Perez, Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, Greg Rucka, Jenny Frison and Brian Bolland to name just a few are onboard for this 96 page prestige format tome. 

Nine exhilarating tales of the astonishing Amazon regale the reader with fabulous fables that represent her past, present and future, each allegorical piece fits, jigsaw like, into a whole that fundamentally represents everything we love about Wonder Woman, with our personal favourite from the selection being Gail Simone’s fabulous – ‘From Small Things, Mama’  though we are happy to report that not one of the other eight exceptional epics on offer are anything less than deserving of Diana’s halcyon heritage.


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Wonder Woman #750 is available from your local comic-book emporium right now! Make sure to show your love for the most important fictional female in history by buying this landmark issue, my astonishingly adroit amazonian associates.


Our dynamic duo of WW #750 variant covers were purchased from our absolute favourite comic-book emporium: Final Frontier.

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  1. I was reading the first paragraph and I was thinking that it would be nice to disect towards the political/ social backbone of Wonder woman’s birth…
    Next paragraph…pow!!
    Extremely well done sir!😉

    (If I may, the Hellenic origin verb if icon is eika έοικα”to look alike,similar”, with the one mentioned being the infinitive form.
    Hope I don’t come across as pedantic. )

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  2. She’s absolutely one of best! Superb post, and what a terrific gallery of images to admire. I’m looking forward to her next screen outing in the summer so much!

    Liked by 2 people

    • She really is my friend. Yeah, all the variant cover images are astonishing, I managed to get the two I was after – the Brian Bolland 90’s style cover and the Jenny Frison 50’s style cover… so awesome! Thanks for visiting and commenting!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. One of THE greatest superheroes ever! There’s a Gail Simone Wondy omnibus coming out next month that I can’t wait to get! Great post, my friend.

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  4. I’ve always been a fan

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  5. Hey Bruce, so good to be here again. It’s been so long! How have you been?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Heena, it has been awhile but it’s really lovely to hear from you! 🙂 I’m well thanks, I hope everything is great with you my friend. I’m still here 5 years later (doesn’t time really fly!) writing posts about all my favourite things… but especially Wonder Woman and Batman of course!! 🙂 Again, it’s really awesome to hear from you, have a lovely Sunday.


  6. Those images you included are awesome. Lovin’ me some Wonder Woman.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Christy, yes indeed there were some absolutely magnificent comic cover variants in celebration of Diana’s 750th issue. The interior stories were phenomenal, especially, as I mentioned in the post, the sublime Gail Simone entry (one of my favourite comic book writers, who I intend to do a post on fairly soon) Thanks for reading and commenting my friend. 🙂


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