Super-Villain Sunday: Circe

Circe 4

Super-Villain Sunday this week brings you the immortal Greek witch Goddess – Circe. One of Wonder Woman’s most powerful foes, Circe was first introduced into the DC universe in Wonder Woman #37 in 1949, created by Robert Kanigher and Harry Peter. This original version of Circe is a centuries old sorceress who gets her immortality from a rare elixir called Vitae, she was banished to the space island of Sorca by Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mother and Queen of the Amazons) for her crimes against Humanity.

Circe 3

The modern, post crisis interpretation of Circe was created by George Perez in 1988, her previous history was rewritten though the core of the character remained the same. Modern Circe is the daughter of Greek Titans  Hyperion and Perseis, and is still an immortal sorceress. Former Princess of the island of Colchis, Circe has been a follower of the Goddess Hecate for thousands of years. Whilst living on the island of Aeaea, Circe met and fell in love with legendary Greek King and hero Odysseus, with whom she had three sons, Latinus, Telegonus and Agrius.

Circe 1

Though an all powerful Goddess and witch, Circe at times has allied herself with several other Super-Villains to help her gain influence and expand her control over the mortal world. Most notably as a member of Lex Luthor’s Injustice gang which counted amongst it’s members the Joker, Star Sapphire, Chronos plus many others throughout the years. Circe’s powers are many, the ability to change reality and transform matter, she can control minds and is also a necromancer. She can teleport, fly and can produce deadly bolts of magical energy. She is one of DC Comic’s most powerful villains and always knows how to ruin Wonder Woman’s day.

Super-Villain Rating: Godlike 


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