Comic Cover Of The Week: Wonder Woman Rebirth #6


Welcome my comic collecting cohorts to another instalment of ‘Comic Cover Of The Week’  and this week’s wonderfully wrought cover is brought to you by the fantabulous Frank Cho.

Wonder Woman Rebirth has been a rather wondrous soft reboot of DC Comics’ premier Superheroine. After nearly 75 years in print, Diana’s history has become rather convoluted, in comparison to her Trinity stablemates – Batman & Superman, the amazing Amazon’s past has been, at times, in conflict with itself. Is she the daughter of Zeus? or was she formed of clay and brought to life by a pantheon of Greek gods? These questions and many more have been asked by the fans over the last seven and a half decades of her virtual existence.


Her byzantine history is finally being definitively addressed through DC’s ‘Rebirth’  a soft reboot of their entire universe of characters, that will finally provide an answer to those many questions posed by her faithful fans.

The Rebirth series is split into two alternating titles, written by the groundbreaking Greg Rucka, with rotational art duties performed by nifty Nicola Scott and luminous Liam Sharp. Wonder Woman Rebirth expertly focuses on two halves of her life, her ongoing adventures during the modern era and her ‘Year One’ origin story.


Wonder Woman #6 finds the awesome Amazon encountering the world outside her paradise home of Themyscira for the first time, alongside her cicerone, Steve Trevor. Unable to understand the language or customs of these outsiders, Diana’s day becomes increasingly embroiled in mishap and misunderstanding.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #6 is available at your local comic-book emporium right now.

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  1. Have you always been a Wonder Woman fan or is it a new love of her that you have acquired? 🙂

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    • Hi Christy, I have been a fan of Wondy since I was 9 years old. I was 6 when I discovered Superheroes when I started to read my other favourite character Batman, it was through him that I fell in love with the DC Comics universe and then Wondy herself. 🙂

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      • Awesome to learn more about your love of comics and, in particular, Wonder Woman 🙂 I love the nickname “Wondy”!

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      • I do love Wondy, and will always adore the Batman for being the character that introduced me to Superheroes (I even changed my first name by deed poll to Bruce in his honour… true story! 🙂 ) I loved the Greek myths from a young age and discovering Wonder Woman was descended from these, really cemented my adoration of the character.

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      • Bruce! Great choice for a name 🙂 Yes, I could see now why BOTH Wondy and Batman are close to your heart. Now I’m smiling

        Liked by 1 person

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