Convergence Changes Everything

Convergence banner

(DC Comics, 2015)

Convergence is coming, DC Comics maxi-series, two month long comic-book crossover looks set to change the face of The New 52 forever. Convergence spans every era of DC characters, resurrecting  old favourites and showcasing classic heroes and villains from halcyon days gone by. Ted Kord returning as the Blue Beetle, Azrael donning the mantle of the Batman and Donna Troy as a key member of the Teen Titans, these and many more stories will be relayed through this huge ongoing two month saga, but wait, there’s more…



On June 3rd, DC will be launching 24 new series alongside the 25 classic comics returning after their two month long Convergence hiatus. Co-Publisher of DC, Dan Didio explained that, “This  heralds a new era for the DC Universe, allowing us to publish something for everyone and be more expansive and modern in our approach to story-telling”. Exciting times ahead indeed fellow DC fans, it seems that the New 52 logo will also be removed from atop the comics, cementing this interesting change in direction.

Starfire new look

New look Starfire is awesome!

New titles announced are: Batman Beyond, Bizarro, Bat-Mite, Black Canary, Constantine-Hellblazer, Cyborg, Dark Universe, Green Lantern-Lost Army, Doomed, Earth 2- Society, Dr Fate, Harley Quinn and Power Girl (awesome!), Justice League of America, Justice League 3001, Martian Manhunter, Midnighter, Mystic U, Omega Men, Prez, Red Hood- Arsenal, Robin-Son of Batman, Section 8, Starfire (amazing!) and We are Robin.

An amazing line up with Harley Quinn/Power Girl, Starfire and Red Hood/Arsenal being must haves for this particular DC fan. What are your thoughts on this divergence for DC Comics, are you as excited as we are for the future of the World’s greatest Superheroes? Sound off in the comments below, fellow fans of fantastic fiction!

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  1. This is great. I’m looking forward to the new titles.

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  2. Woo! StarFire is hot! 🙂

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    • She is isn’t she, absolutely love Starfire, about time she starred in her own comic. 🙂

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      • For some reason I don’t remember her looking that awesome.. Same as the new Black Widow. It’s great indeed. It will get younger girls into comics a bit more. I could kick my own arse, bc KickStarter came out with 5 amazing new women super hero’s and I forgot about the deadline to buy in.

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      • DC have always promoted their female characters really well, about a third of the comics they publish are female Superheroes, other companies don’t seem as progressive, mind you DC invented the whole female Superhero with the awesome Wonder Woman in 1941. I say we need more comics and movies with female Superhero leads, hopefully the announced Wonder Woman film can help with this. 🙂

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      • True! DC are the master’s period. WW has always been amazing. The old tv series was killer as well as obviously being iconic especially back in those times. Cannot WAIT for the new movie! If they do it right which I think they will, WW doll’s will be making their way back into children’s toy’s. ( Of course I don’t mean the highly artistic comic book doll’s for adult collecting.)

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      • Sorry to bother you my friend!
        Are you pretty familiar with the workings of WordPress? I ask bc for the life of me I cannot figure out how to add 3 widgets to my blog page. All 3 are my award badges. I’ve tried entering the screenshot image info in the requested url part but I’m still not doing it correctly apparently. So I was wondering when you have time as I know you are busy, if you might be able to help me. If not, no worries! 🙂

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      • Hi Sassy, sorry for the late reply. I added them as media images to my ‘about’ page. You should be able to add them to any ‘page’ you have. I haven’t tried adding them as widgets, so not sure how to do that. Hope that helps my friend. 🙂

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      • No worries my Bruce. My apologies for my late reply back.
        Thank’s for the suggestion putting them on the “about” page. Never thought of that. Widgets a royal pain!
        Hope you had a great weekend and good morning from my side of the pond. 🙂

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      • A good day to you too Sassy, and yeah apart from the preset widgets, it can be a bit of a pain to implement others. Hope you are well my friend. 🙂

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      • Thanks! 🙂
        I had another migraine all weekend which sucks but oh well. I feel much better today! One of my friends that lives quite near to me keeps telling me I work too much on my writing( which I do) and it’s messing with my eye’s. She is right but me even being down and out over the weekend is bothersome. I have to always be working on something! 🙂

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      • Glad to hear you are feeling better my friend! 🙂

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