Rorschach’s Quote Of The Week…

Rorschach quote of the week

Are Supervillains getting you down?  Tired of having sand kicked in your face by the Joker? Well we have you covered, the next time Bane gets all up in your face just quote a line from Rorschach’s limited vocabulary and watch as those masked  SuperVillains run for the hills.

Rorschach: bringing unstable masked vigilantism to the masses since 1986!

About Bruce Hodder (formerly known as ArcaneHalloween)

Fanatical about comics, gaming and horror movies... but then isn't everyone?

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  1. I was wearing my Rorschach shirt before I came to work today.

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  2. I love this. We all need a great villain once in a while to keep the story fresh and palatable!

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  3. Agree totally. And if I may be so bold: Never compromise, especially in the face of Armaggedon! or ArmageDDon! Which might coming soon. (Vive Charlie Hebdo!)
    It’s one thing I’ve noticed with Americans, over and over again: they never give up, even after taking a beating they go back and fight!
    (Something to learn there)
    Be good

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