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Comic Cover Of The Week: Detective Comics #934

dtcve #934

This week’s wonderfully wrought comic cover celebrates not only the absolutely astonishing artwork of Eber Ferreira & Eddy Barrows, but also the reversion of Detective Comics back to its original numbering. Detective Comics first appeared in 1937, but it was its twenty seventh issue that has become the most important of its seminal run, the first appearance of the Masked Manhunter himself – The Batman.

When DC Comics rebooted its Universe in 2011 with the ‘New 52’ they renumbered all of their issues back to #1’s. Before this back pedal of numbering, Detective had reached the almost incomparably immense issue #881, with the oncoming of DC’s recent ‘Rebirth’  which aims to reinsert the legacy of DC’s long and varied comic history, they have decided to revert the numbering of their two original and most popular comic books – Detective & Action Comics (which itself goes back to #957, tantalisingly close to issue #1,000!)

#934 - Edited

Detective Comics 934 finds the Batman attempting to bring together all of Gotham’s Guardians into one cohesive unit of crime-fighting badassery. A rebirth for the classic Bat-Family of old that sees the return of beloved characters like Stephanie Brown as the Spoiler and former Batgirl Cassandra Cain under her new identity of Orphan. Throw in the fiery haired vigilante Batwoman, wayward zealot Azrael and the Caped Crusader’s loyal sidekick Red Robin, and you end up with an almost unbeatable team of spandex clad heroes that will have the Supervillains of Gotham running for the proverbial hills!

#934.1 - Edited

Detective Comics will start shipping twice monthly from June 08, beginning with issue #934. Written by: James Tynion IV. Art and cover by: Eber Ferreira & Eddy Barrows. Variant cover by: Rafael Alburquerque.

Comic Cover Of The Week: Convergence – Shadow Of The Bat #1

Con bat

(DC Comics, 2015)

This weeks exemplary comic-cover has us travelling back to 1993, taking place just after the Knightfall series that saw Supervillain Bane break the Batman (quite literally). Whilst in long term recovery with a broken back, Bruce Wayne grants anti-hero Azrael the chance to become Gotham’s new guardian and take over the mantle of the Batman. Azrael (real name Jean Paul Valley) becomes increasingly more violent and unstable in his new role, designing his own version of the Bat costume he sets out to rid Gotham of crime once and for all, by murdering anyone who gets in his way, literally the antithesis of what the Batman stands for.

Written by: Larry Hama. Interior Art by: Jason Paz and Philip Tan. Cover Art by: Philip Tan. Variant Cover by: Chip Kidd.

Convergence: Shadow of the Bat #1 is available from April 14th at your local comic book emporium, fellow fans of fine fiction!

Convergence Changes Everything

Convergence banner

(DC Comics, 2015)

Convergence is coming, DC Comics maxi-series, two month long comic-book crossover looks set to change the face of The New 52 forever. Convergence spans every era of DC characters, resurrecting  old favourites and showcasing classic heroes and villains from halcyon days gone by. Ted Kord returning as the Blue Beetle, Azrael donning the mantle of the Batman and Donna Troy as a key member of the Teen Titans, these and many more stories will be relayed through this huge ongoing two month saga, but wait, there’s more…



On June 3rd, DC will be launching 24 new series alongside the 25 classic comics returning after their two month long Convergence hiatus. Co-Publisher of DC, Dan Didio explained that, “This  heralds a new era for the DC Universe, allowing us to publish something for everyone and be more expansive and modern in our approach to story-telling”. Exciting times ahead indeed fellow DC fans, it seems that the New 52 logo will also be removed from atop the comics, cementing this interesting change in direction.

Starfire new look

New look Starfire is awesome!

New titles announced are: Batman Beyond, Bizarro, Bat-Mite, Black Canary, Constantine-Hellblazer, Cyborg, Dark Universe, Green Lantern-Lost Army, Doomed, Earth 2- Society, Dr Fate, Harley Quinn and Power Girl (awesome!), Justice League of America, Justice League 3001, Martian Manhunter, Midnighter, Mystic U, Omega Men, Prez, Red Hood- Arsenal, Robin-Son of Batman, Section 8, Starfire (amazing!) and We are Robin.

An amazing line up with Harley Quinn/Power Girl, Starfire and Red Hood/Arsenal being must haves for this particular DC fan. What are your thoughts on this divergence for DC Comics, are you as excited as we are for the future of the World’s greatest Superheroes? Sound off in the comments below, fellow fans of fantastic fiction!


Convergence banner image

Convergence is DC Comic’s next major crossover event following on from this years Multiversity saga. Beginning in April 2015, this series will comprise a weekly 9 part main title and 40 new 2 issue mini-series featuring classic versions of DC’s biggest characters.

Convergence returns us to a pre-new 52 era and takes us back to earlier versions of characters and storylines, remember the time when Azrael was the Batman or when Green Lantern Hal Jordan became the biggest threat in the universe as the entity Parallax, these issues will take us back to those halcyon days when Ted Kord was the Blue Beetle and the Man of Steel was actually a man in a steel outfit.


Also a return for some of DC’s fan favourite characters who have been conspicuous by their absence in recent years including former Batgirl Stephanie Brown, Kid Flash Wally West and Renee Montoya as the Question plus many more. The Convergence creative teams includes talented artists and writers like – Greg Rucka, Dan Jurgens, Gail Simone, Fabian Nicieza, Denys Cowan and Keith Giffen.