Comic Cover Of The Week: Wonder Woman ’77 Special #2

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

This weeks instalment of Comic Cover Of The Week pays tribute to the original live action Amazon Princess, the lovely Lynda Carter. Lest we forget her sterling seventies performance of everyone’s favourite demi-goddess in lieu of Gal Gadot’s impressive looking upcoming portrayal. Lynda brought a genuine sense of strength and compassion to her on-screen interpretation of the classic female Superhero, and even though by modern standards the seventies series can seem rather campy, it is actually an extremely authentic rendition of Wonder Woman’s 1940’s comic book adventures.

DC’s Wonder Woman ’77 Special #2 pays homage to the quintessential series and manages to capture much of the ambience and visual style of its live action progenitor.

WW 77


Join Diana Prince on three brand new adventures. An envious scientist who is profoundly jealous of the Amazon Princess becomes empowered by a mysterious and mystical ancient artifact and through this Diana’s arch nemesis Cheetah is born. A woman with the ability to control both fire and ice seeks her revenge on a corrupt politician. And during Halloween, Diana finds herself in a deadly confrontation with a dastardly undead adversary.

Wonder Woman ’77 Special #2 is available as a digital download right now. Written byMarc Andreyko. Cover by: Nicola Scott. Interior art by: Jason Badower, Drew Johnson, Richard Ortiz, and Cat Staggs.

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