Rorschach Returns?

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Who Watches The Watchmen? Hopefully We Do!

To an interminably die-hard Watchmen fan like myself, there can be no greater news than the live action return of Alan Moore’s fabled comic characters, and you know what, it’s looking like we are one step closer to seeing just that. Zack Snyder, director of the fantastic 2009 film adaptation of Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel, has approached studio HBO with the (really rather marvellous) idea of a weekly Watchmen television series.  

As to what form the series may take, it’s rather early to predict at this time, but considering we have already been treated to the original 80’s tale, the series would more than likely take inspiration from the 2012 comic prequel series “Before Watchmen.”  These consisted of eight separate mini-series each following one of the main characters from the Watchmen and served as a forerunner to the original Moore series. Of course it could go the other way and create a wholly original story involving our volatile team of heroes, whatever form the show may take however, it is still exciting news. More Rorschach?… oh hell yes!

Watchmen Copyright: DC Comics

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  1. Just dropped by to say hello
    Thank you for visiting
    As always Sheldon

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  2. Alan Moore wld find this news far from exciting – he never wanted a Watchmen movie; this is going to make matters even worse (for him)
    How would such a weekly series work? Sure, give ongoing DC and Marvel heroes their own TV series because there have plenty of storylines to choose from, but Watchmen was just a 6-part limited series, so where r th plots going to come from?

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    • Hey there good sir, I love Alan Moore, I really do, but he hates everything anyone else does in conjunction with his work. For me the Watchmen and V movies were amazing, and the idea of a TV show blows me away. The pre sequel series “Before Watchmen” by various creators including original collaborator John Higgins is where they’ll draw their ideas from I believe. The characters (especially Rorschach) are just too fantastic to leave behind in the annals of comic history. On a side note my friend, I have met John Higgins several times at various UK cons, (and we have become firm facebook buddies since… which is uber cool!), and when I asked him what he thought about the movie, he said he loved it to bits. We all need lots more Rorschach in our lives! Thanks for reading and commenting my man. And I am currently working on another instalment of Great British Comic Book Characters, some Nemesis is needed I think. 🙂

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      • “Before Watchmen”? That’s news to me, amigo! Maybe u cld do a Post and fill in these details for us?
        Loved th novel and the film! W cld do w more Rorschach in our lives (just hope those TV bods don’t mess him up too badly)
        Oh yes! Some Nemesis IS needed!
        All th best, Bruce: I”m sure u’ll make it awesome!
        Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!

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      • Yes indeedy my man, Before Watchmen is awesome! A plethora of amazing comic talent (including, John Higgins, Darwyn Cooke, Adam Hughes, Joe Kubert and Len Wein) came together to create the ultimate Watchmen prequel. They’re available in trades, with the Rorschach and Silk Spectre ones being my faves, well worth a look. Good idea about the post on it though, will get to it. Thanks man, will do my best to be vigilant… too late for the purity and the good behaviour though! 😉 Have an awesome day!

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  3. That’s good news… Can’t wait!

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