Bryan Hitch’s Justice League Of America #1 Will Feature Seven Interlocking Variant Covers

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

DC Comics have revealed the 7 interlocking variant covers by Bryan Hitch that will make up a panoramic scene from June’s new Justice League Of America #1. Superstar writer and artist, Bryan Hitch is going to be fully taking the reins of DC’s premier Super-team, serving as both writer and artist on the title.

With the 2 month epic crossover “Convergence” coming to a close, DC are adding new and fresh takes on popular characters and comic-series, with the star of the line up being Hitch’s take on the League. 24 new series will be added alongside 25 continuing titles, though the continuity established by the “New 52” reboot will continue.

JL #1 p

In an interview with USA Today, Hitch said that “It is a dream come true, the whole reason I have a passion for comics is because of these characters”

Justice League Of America #1 will be available from June 17.

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