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The Week In Geek… With Precinct1313

Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to another episode of The Week In Geek, where we love to share our favourite, Comic Book, Video-Game, and Cult Movie news for your perusal and pleasure…

Lara Croft Returns…

tr - Edited.jpg

Lara Croft, the quintessentially English raider of tombs will be returning to the silver screen in 2018 courtesy of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. The adventurous archaeologist was last seen at cinemas in the 2003 “Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life” starring Angelina Jolie. The new movie seems to be following heavily in the footsteps of the recent reboot of the game itself in 2013, right down to digital Lara’s actual outfit, as these recent set photos confirm.

tr av - Edited.jpg

Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft Looking Uncannily Like Her Virtual Reboot Counterpart

The movie is set for release in March 2018, starring Alicia Vikander, Walter Goggins, and Dominic West. Directed by Roar Uthaug.

2000AD Gets Set To Celebrate It’s 40th Anniversary…

2000ad - Edited.jpg

Stalwart British Sci-Fi/Fantasy anthology comic (or Prog, as we call it here in jolly ol’ Blighty) 2000AD is preparing itself for celebrating it’s fortieth year in print! The Zarjaz zine was unleashed onto the British comic book scene in 1977 and has gone on to be the biggest selling and most loved comic book in the UK’s history, the classic comic has introduced such legendary creations as – Judge Dredd, Nemesis the Warlock, Slaine and Zenith amongst a cavalcade of others too numerous to mention.

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Not only has this groundbreaking comic given us a cadre of classic characters, but it was also responsible for letting loose some of the UK’s most famed comic book creators, such luminous lights as – Alan Moore, John Higgins, Brian Bolland, Alan Grant, Grant Morrison, Simon Bisley, Pat Mills et al. And on February 11th, these creators and more will be attending Hammersmith, London in a celebration of mighty magnitude for a “Forty Years Of Thrill Power” festival that includes panel discussions, live drawing exhibitions, exclusive film screenings and prop displays. Happy Birthday 2000AD!

Netflix To Unleash Castlevania TV Show…

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Netflix have announced an upcoming series based upon Konami’s much loved video-game franchise Castlevania. The Japanese action adventure game debuted way back in 1986 to instant acclaim, it is centered around the Belmont family, a clan of vampire hunters and their protracted war against Count Dracula and his minions.

Apart from this initial announcement (contained within a press release) very little else is known about the project, except one tantalising nugget, that the first season will be penned by none other than the great Warren Ellis, Comic Book author extraordinaire, who has given the world such astonishing series as Hellblazer and Transmetropolitan. If this turns out as great as I hope, maybe we could see more production companies mining the vast annals of video-game lore… Dark Souls TV series anyone!

Why not join us next time friends, for more Week In Geek…

Great British Comic Book Characters: Zenith

Zenith 1

Borag Thungg fellow Squaxx Dek Thargo, and welcome back to another instalment of ‘Great British Comic Book Characters’ our occasional series that aims to acquaint you with some of the classic dramatis personae that originate from this small island known as the United Kingdom.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, comics take on a very different approach in Britain in comparison to their American counterparts, the anthology style is (and always has been) ubiquitous in its form over here. Whereas most comics from the USA centre themselves on a single character or story arc, British comics have almost always delivered a compendium of characters and stories in each issue, with by far the most popular and best selling of these weekly digests being the phenomenal ‘2000AD’.

z1 - Edited.jpg

We have already posted in length about some of the crazy characters that make up the UK’s favourite comic anthology, but where they mostly differ from their American brethren is with their distinct lack of capes, cowls and secret identities. Brit comic persona are usually made up of quirky, non conformist types or hard nosed, and extremely fascistic authoritarian figures, Judge Dredd being the ultimate example of the latter. Today’s guest star though belongs to the former camp, and is a definitely a lot closer to the American ideal of a comic book stalwart, yet still retains a very British feel.

Zenith was created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell in 1987, its debut appearance was in Prog #535 of 2000AD, yet the story’s star didn’t actually appear until the second episode, with the first instalment reserved for setting the scene for his introduction into the fictional alternative version of Britain.

zenith1 - Edited.jpg

Robert McDowell is the civilian name of the 80’s Pop-Star/Superhero Zenith, the son of two members of the famed team of 1960’s British Superheroes Cloud 9, a group of super humans formed by the military, who ultimately rebelled against authority becoming hippies and psychedelic fashion icons. Zenith is possessed of bio-rhythmic abilities that grant him the powers of flight, super strength, telepathy, pyrokinesis and high durability, yet rather than use these uncanny gifts to fight crime, he utilises them to further his music career. Zenith is a superficial, glib and self centred personality, overly spoilt and extremely reluctant to be brought into any ongoing conflict that involves fighting against pernicious and malevolent villains – The Lloigor.

Reluctantly he is dragged into action by surviving members of Cloud 9 to fight the Many Angled One (aka The Lloigor, beings from alternate dimensions closely resembling Cthulhu mythos) Lok Sotot. It was during this violent encounter, after the death of Welsh Superhero Red Dragon that Zenith began to realise the extent of his powers, and his ability to use them for the benefit of others rather than his ultimately selfish needs.

z - Edited.jpg

Grant Morrison initially created Zenith as a “reaction against tormented Superheroes”, the 1980’s was the decade for the anti-hero’s ascendance, Batman became darker and grimmer than previous iterations, and Watchmen took the political dissonance and violent repercussions of masked vigilantism to a whole new level, Zenith was Morrison’s way of railing against this methodology (though Morrison has gone on to become one of the most celebrated and longest running writers of Batman tales, with a very dark take on the character that is in stark contrast to Zenith’s raison d’etre.)

Zenith is a satirical and sardonic look at 1980’s British culture and politics (a favoured scenario for many Brit comic creators of the day) Morrison described his creation as – “A dumb, sexy and disposable pop icon, Alan Moore by way of Stock, Aitken and Waterman”. 

zen2 - Edited.jpg

Up until very recently Zenith had been out of print due to ownership diputes between the creators and publishers, causing previously released collected volumes to skyrocket in price, selling for up to ten times their cover value on E-Bay. 2000AD owners Rebellion finally released a new set of collected editions in 2014 that managed to sell out on pre-order in just two days, cementing the fact that the UK’s love for the glibly shallow Superhero was (and still is) second to none.