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World’s Finest Comic Book Artists: Liam Sharp


With less than a month until our favourite warrior princess makes her highly anticipated solo appearance on the silver screen, all eyes are currently on Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, but lest we forget the revolution that has taken place in DC’s recent Rebirth shake up of the Themysciran Titan.

Rebirth has been a massive success story for DC, the 2016 relaunch heralded the end of the The New 52 run, returning the DCU to a time prior to the Flashpoint Paradox, whilst still incorporating elements from New 52, mostly its continuity. The principal architect of Rebirth, superstar scribe Geoff Johns described the relaunch as – “Re-laying the groundwork for DC’s future , Whilst also celebrating its past and present. It’s not about throwing anything away, in fact it’s quite the opposite”


A selection Of Liam Sharp’s Incredible Cover Art For WW Rebirth

Rebirth Wonder Woman finds Diana caught in a dilemma, in that she is no longer able to distinguish between reality and falsehood when it comes to pertaining her past. Is she really the daughter of Zeus or was she formed from clay by her Mother Hippolyta and given life by a pantheon of Greek Gods. These questions and more have been supplicated over the course of the Rebirth issues entitled “The Lies” as Diana searches for the truth behind her existence.

The WW Rebirth series has alternated each issue between her present and past, with a retelling of her canonical origin story in the “Year One” chapters by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott, and the contemporary tale of Diana’s trials to discover the truth behind “The Lies” by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp.


But, my amazing Amazonian associates, this post isn’t primarily about our illustriously immortal idol, this post is dedicated to the talented artist who has brought Rebirth Diana to glorious life right before our very eyes, for me, Diana’s world has never been more vivid and evocative before Liam Sharp’s awe-inspiring visuals. There have been many astoundingly talented artists who have enamoured me with their take on the Amazon Ambassador over the years – Nicola Scott, Phil Jimenez, Amanda Conner, Brian Bolland, and of course the great George Perez, but Liam’s astonishing eye for detail and composition has catapulted him to the fore for this particular WW fanatic.


British artist Liam Sharp made his debut in another of the Precinct’s very favourite things – science fiction anthology comic – 2000 AD in the 1980’s, his work included Judge Dredd, Finn and the A.B.C Warriors. He has also worked for Marvel on titles such as Death’s Head II, X-Men and DC Comics on issues of Batman and Superman, and the stunning Testament series for Vertigo. 

Liam’s current run on Wonder Woman will come to an end, alongside Greg Rucka in issue #25 when writer Shea Fontana and artist Mirka Andolfo take over duties, who recently brought us DC Super Hero Girls. Though we are always happy and willing to give any new team a chance to wow us with their take on the Themysciran Titan, the loss of Liam’s wondrous visuals on the title is a sad thing nonetheless.

With that in mind, just yesterday Liam posted on his Facebook page an exclusive look at his upcoming pencils for issue #23 of WW, and with his kind permission we have brought these astounding masterpieces to you, fellow agents of Precinct1313. Liam, we salute your artistic genius good Sir, and very much look forward to your future endeavours.


Astonishing detail really makes us hope for a black and white variant of the WW Rebirth trade collections.


Visuals courtesy of Liam Sharp and DC Comics. Wonder Woman is copyright DC Comics.

World’s Finest Comic Book Artists: JH Williams III

JH 4

Welcome back comic-fans to our second installment of World’s finest comic book artists, this time focusing on the incredible talent of artist and writer JH Williams III. JH grew up in California and fell in love with the comic book medium for the first time at the age of eight years old, it was from this early age that he decided he wanted to become a creator of these fascinating worlds that he read on a weekly basis. Working hard to enter the arena of a comic book professional, his work was noticed by comic artist/writer Howard Chaykin who helped usher JH into the limelight.

JH 3

JH started creating comics for the first time in 1991, the majority of his work has been for DC Comics, where he has worked on classic comics such as Batman, Superman, Starman and more. He had a critically acclaimed run as artist on Alan Moore’s Promethea for its 32 issue run, where he won a Harvey award for his art on the comic in 2006. More recently JH has been known for his re-introduction of DC’s classic Batwoman character, after the character was removed from DC lore in 1964. JH rebooted Batwoman back into DC mythos in 2006 and with the help of his sublime visuals and deep storytelling skills the character has gone from strength to strength ever since, becoming one of DC’s best selling and most well loved female Superheroes.

Jh Batwoman1

This massive run on Batwoman whom he has been involved with since 2006 has rewarded JH with many awards including an Eisner for best comic cover artist, best penciller and inker also a GLAAD award for most outstanding comic in 2010, plus three Eagle awards from the UK for best artist and writer in the comic book medium.

JH continues to work for DC Comics, where he is currently involved as artist in  Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series with the new Sandman: Overture.

Required reading recommendations are: Batwoman- Elegy, Batwoman- Hydrology and Promethea.