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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #15

(Copyright-DC Comics)

(Copyright-DC Comics)

Welcome back once more my Amazon loving affiliates, to another instalment of; Classic Wonder Woman, Precinct1313’s weekly comic-cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the world’s foremost female Superhero. This week we present you with: Wonder Woman (vol 2) #15. Released in April 1988, written and illustrated by George Perez.

The tantalising tale hidden behind the awesome Perez cover is titled “Swan Song” and recounts Diana’s struggle against one of her most deadly but piteous foes; The Silver Swan.

Swan perez

Three women have inherited the mantle of Silver Swan over the years, beginning with the tragic Helen Alexandros. Helen was a talented ballet dancer who oft found herself overlooked for major roles, because (she believed) of her average looks and physique. Striking a bargain with Ares for angelic beauty and form, Helen was granted the beauty she desired on the proviso that she would destroy the human’s champion Wonder Woman. Mystically altered by Ares, Helen became the Silver Swan, with the abilities of flight, super strength and the capacity to create powerful sound blasts using her voice.

Siver Swan

Silver Swan #2 is Valerie Beaudry, a lonely and friendless woman, who found it difficult to connect with the world at large. The only connection Valerie had was a pen pal named Henry Armbruster, the industrialist head of Armbruster International. Upon meeting for the first time, Henry exploited Valerie’s need for acceptance and friendship by choosing her for his Silver Swan project. Through his experiments Valerie mutated into the Silver Swan, giving her incredible beauty and hyper sonic powers, he also expanded his nefarious control over her by marrying Valerie. As time went on Valerie, with the help of Wonder Woman became aware of Henry’s exploitative ways and saw him for who he really was and divorced him. From here on Valerie became an agent of justice, serving time with Super-team Captains Of Industry and a short stint in the Suicide Squad

Vanessa_Kapatelis swan

Silver Swan #3 was Vanessa Kapatelis, a former admirer and friend of Wonder Woman. Vanessa was preyed upon by Witch-goddess Circe who decided to utilise the young insecure woman’s friendship with Diana and turn her against against the Amazon princess. With the assistance of Dr Psycho, Circe conditioned and altered Vanessa transforming her into the new Silver Swan. After the defeat of Circe by Wonder Woman, Vanessa was taken to a hospital in Buenos Aires to recover but whilst there was discovered and kidnapped by the deceitful Veronica Cale, an unscrupulous pharmaceutical magnate. Cale modified Vanessa through implanted cybernetics and sent her back once more, to fight her one time close friend Diana. With her eventual defeat again at the hands of Wonder Woman, Vanessa had the Cybernetc implants removed and was taken to the Amazon Isle of Themyscira for recovery and solace.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astonishing Amazonian associates!