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Comic Cover Of The Week: Gotham By Midnight #8

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

New comics Wednesday is upon us once more my comic collecting cohorts, and with it comes a multitude of fantastic covers. So many awesome covers this week in fact, that it was hard to actually pick a favourite, but ultimately for me the stand-out is yet another Bill Sienkiewicz masterpiece.

Gotham By Midnight follows a Gotham PD task force known as The Midnight Shift, a rag-tag group of investigators that deal with threats to the city that fall outside the expertise of the Police and in some cases even The Batman! The Midnight Shift was created by Commissioner Gordon and is led by none other than The Spectre himself, Jim Corrigan.


This issue deals with how much the news influences the public… literally! with two newsreaders who seem to have an almost supernatural control over their viewers. In this particular case, no news would definitely be good news!

Gotham By Midnight #8 is available from your local comic book emporium right now. Written by:Juan Ferreyra. Cover by: Bill Sienkiewicz. Interior art by: Ray Fawkes.

Precinct1313 recommends – Green Arrow..Deluxe Edition by Kevin Smith.

Green Arrow 1

Welcome comic fans to a new spotlight feature we call Precinct1313 recommends, here we will be focusing on particular Graphic Novels or Comics that have been highly praised by critics or well received by fans. Our first spotlight segment is devoted to the Emerald Archer – Green Arrow. In 2001, film director and writer Kevin Smith wrote a comic maxi-series about Oliver Queen’s resurrection from the dead by Hal Jordan the former Green Lantern who at this point in the DC universe had become the entity known as Parallax. Newly resurrected, Ollie goes back to his former role as Green Arrow taking on a new ward…Mia Dearden as his sidekick Speedy, he launches an investigation into his death as he seems to be missing several important key memories. 

ga deluxe

With the help of the world’s greatest detective – Batman, and a massive cast of supporting Superheroes including Black Canary, Wonder Woman and former Speedy Roy Harper, Ollie uncovers a web of intrigue, mystery and deceit that will drive him on to a literal soul searching conclusion! This deluxe hardcover of the original Quiver series will be released on August 13th, art duties are handled excellently by Phil Hester and Ande Parks and Kevin Smith shows his love and knowledge of the classic Superhero with a fantastically well written and emotionally involving tale of resurrection and redemption.

Back from the dead and smooching with Wonder is great for Oliver Queen!

Back from the dead and smooching with Wonder is great for Oliver Queen!

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 nocked arrows out of 5