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Comic Cover Of The Week: Teen Titans #8 – Movie Variant

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

Welcome fellow fans of capes and cowls to another instalment of, Comic Cover Of The Week. We are again focusing on the movie-variant covers that DC are producing throughout this month in recognition of its parent company, Warner Brothers celebration of 100 years of film production. Taking classic movie posters and melding them with popular Superheroes, this weeks cover pays homage to Precinct1313’s all time favourite vampire movie – The Lost Boys, merged brilliantly with one of comics most popular super-teams – The Teen Titans.

TT variant

The Teen Titans movie variant cover is available at your local comic-book emporium right now. Written by: Will Pfeifer. Cover and interior art by: Kenneth Rocafort. Variant cover by:Alex Garner.