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Comic Cover Of The Week: Dark Knight III #8 – Variant


Bill Sienkiewicz’s Hauntingly Beautiful Variant Cover

The original Dark Knight Returns saga by Frank Miller was a defining moment for The Batman, Miller’s alternate take on the much loved Superhero cast the character in an even more extreme grim, gritty and violent setting, with the caped crusader himself a dour and sullen character whose inner demons continually haunt him as the weight of age and a life of brutal violence takes its toll. We follow an ageing Bruce Wayne as he struggles with these psychological demons, and attempts to hold back his rage and inefficacy through alcohol addiction and suicidal abandon of his life through varying extreme motor sports.

Miller’s classic 80’s series, alongside classics – Watchmen and V For Vendetta, shook up an atrophying comic book industry and presented a much more adult and psychologically emotional depth to Superhero comics, defining the future of the industry in a monumental way.


Miller returned to his raison d’etre in the 2001 follow up mini series The Dark Knight Strikes Again, yet, unlike its groundbreaking predecessor, this was not favourably received by fans or critics alike (myself included) the book was little more than a parody of previous events, and Miller’s artwork had taken a severe downturn in quality.

Jump forward 14 years and Dark Knight III: The Master Race debuted, the newest chapter in the alternative Batverse, and it’s been… mostly OK, I guess, unfortunately the original series was such a phenomenon that any subsequent take has fared rather badly, unable to match the originals magnificence.

That said, there have been some defining moments (mainly visual) in this ongoing series that have certainly taken the breath away from this particular Batfan, and the gorgeous Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover is one of those marvellous moments. It evokes so beautifully a man haunted by his past, a broken figure who has ultimately accepted his failing to protect the city and people he loves, yet will fight on even though it will probably mean his own demise… this image, to me, defines The Batman irrevocably, and contains more emotional substance than both the second and third chapters of the Dark Knight trilogy put together.


Batman v Superman: Grudge Match


In just two short weeks the greatest cinematic Superhero event ever will take place, when the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel square up for a royal rumble that will shake the very foundations of the DC Universe. Comic’s two most iconic characters will go head to head in a grudge match that, even though this will be their first live action brawl, has been enacted throughout the decades in both comic book and animated forms.

bvs 4

Though, usually touted as friends and allies, no other comic book duo has fought as many times as Bats and Supes over the decades. They are literally opposite ends of the Superhero spectrum; one is a vengeance driven manhunter, bringing his own brand of justice to a corrupt and dystopian city. dark and brooding, driven on by the tragic deaths of his parents, Batman has given his life over to his mission.

The other is a virtual god, a being from another planet who arrived on Earth as a child after his home was catastrophically destroyed. Brought up in the farm belt of the USA, Kal El uses his almost limitless power to help his adopted kin, fundamentally a force of good and a symbol of hope amongst his many supporters. Batman and Superman literally are Night and Day, completely antithetical and divergent in both motivation and execution of their chosen lifestyles.

dkr bvs 1

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice director – Zack Snyder has drawn heavily from these past confrontations for his upcoming blockbuster movie, but the one story that has had the most influence on the film (and the character of Batman himself) is Frank Miller’s classic, genre defying eighties series ‘The Dark Knight Returns’

Dark Knight is Frank Miller‘s opus, and almost single handedly responsible for a dramatic and significant change in the way Superheroes are portrayed. Taking the well loved character and plunging him even deeper into his own psychosis and despair, allowing him to really embrace the darkness that was brought on by the devastating loss of his parents, and use it to deliver a whirlwind of brutal justice on the many corrupting forces that prey on Gothamites on a daily basis. Miller’s Batman is a schizophrenic and driven crime-fighter, an unequivocal force of nature that does not suffer fools gladly, and will allow absolutely nothing and no-one to stand in the way of his war on crime.

DKR - Edited

Ben Affleck’s armoured Bat-suit is heavily inspired by Frank Miller’s original design

The Dark Knight Returns shows us a future Gotham City where crime runs rampant, and its one true protector who used to hold back the tide of criminality and lawlessness has long since retired as age and injuries slowly caught up with him. Bruce Wayne now holds back his raging inner demons through the use of alcohol and death defying stunts (when we first see the aged Bruce, he is crashing his race car over a finish line with suicidal abandon.) Unable to cope without his alter ego, and feeling powerless in the face of an encroaching enemy that is seeping into his beloved city and gradually altering its substructure into that of complete anarchy and transgression.

Superheroes have long since been outlawed, and the only one still active is the Government sponsored Superman, who covertly works for the President and keeps the peace with as little media exposure as possible. Brought back from his almost catatonic state, after the demons raging inside him can no longer be contained, Bruce Wayne gives himself over to the one true personality that has always been dominant in his life since that one fateful night… The Batman. Waging a war on crime like never before with unstinting and remorseless abandon, yet his age and a decade of inactivity might make this last heroic struggle, his final denouement.

dkr  - Edited

With Batman rampaging his way through the underbelly of Gotham City and dividing opinion amongst the Police and citizens, Superman is despatched by the President to put a stop to his vigilante actions… and thus ensues the paradigmatic battle between the two titans, that is reflected heavily in the many trailers for the forthcoming movie.

Director Zack Snyder is a huge comic book fan, especially of the darker and more mature style of story-telling, just witness his previous movie incarnations – the utterly astounding recreation of Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ (still our fave comic to film adaptation) and Frank Miller’s ‘300’. The influence of Miller’s Dark Knight is tangible, and there really could be no better material for him to draw upon for this colossal showdown.

bVs 44 - Edited

The many, many instances of Batman v Superman throughout the years

Of course lest we forget, there will be one tempering influence in the film who has also acted as a mediator to the feuding heroes in comics and animation over the years. She is also the character who has soundly beaten both Bats and Supes in one on one combat on several occassions. So before either hero gets too overconfident and supercilious in their own powers and skills, they should really factor in that comic-book’s first lady, Wonder Woman can kick both their arses without even breaking a sweat… just saying!

ww v supes 1

New52 Wonder Woman Gives Supes A Lesson In How To Kick Arse The Amazon Way!

BvWW - Edited

Batman Always Wins… Unless He’s Fighting Diana, Of Course!

The titanic twosome will be knocking heads when ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ hits the cinemas on March 25. Best prepare your utility belts and red capes in readiness for what will incontestably be the ‘Greatest Comic Book Movie Ever!’

Dark Knight 3: Master Race – Variant Cover Extravaganza

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

On the 25th of November this year the Dark Knight will rise again to face down the impending peril of the master race. That’s right Batfans, superstar writer/artist Frank Miller returns to his opus The Dark Knight Returns saga this November with a third chapter; The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Dark Knight 3 is being released as an eight issue mini series beginning in November, and each 32 page issue will also include a 16 page “Dark Knight Universe” comic attached within the centre.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the release of the pioneering original series, Miller will not only be joined once again by original collaborator Klaus Janson, but also legendary writer Brian Azzarello and exceedingly talented artist Andy Kubert.

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau's stunning DK3 variant cover

Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s stunning DK3 variant cover

To celebrate the first issue of Miller’s heralded return, DC will be releasing an astonishing thirty variant covers for the first issue. Each of these variants will be produced by some of the comic industry’s most talented and lauded artists including; Klaus Janson, Stanley Lau, Lee Bermejo, Jae Lee, and Kenneth Rocafort, plus Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons will be producing an even more exclusive 1:50 variant.

DK3 Variants

A few of the 30 (!) variants available at launch

All of these amazing alternate covers will be made available at launch, though they will be in scant supply, check ahead with your local comic book emporium to make sure they are carrying your preferred cover, and remember to place your pre-order as these will be shifting faster than you can say “Batman rocks, and if you don’t accept my pre-order pronto then I shall be forced to dye my hair green, don a purple suit and smilex gas everyone in the room!.”

Precinct1313 Anticipation Rating: Batman-tastic!

Precinct1313 Recommends: Batman Noir – The Dark Knight Returns

(Copyright-DC Comics)

(Copyright-DC Comics)

It has been ten years since the last appearance of the Batman, and Gotham City has devolved even further into lawlessness and anarchy without its former custodian’s presence. An ageing Bruce Wayne struggles with his inner demons, and attempts to hold back his rage and inefficacy at protecting the city that he loves, with a mixture of alcohol dependency and a reckless, almost suicidal endangerment of his life through varying extreme motor sports events. With a new threat emerging in Gotham with the crazed Mutant gang attempting a coup of the city, the Batman returns in a proverbial blaze of glory, but has age and a growing feeling of doubt in his own prowess left the former masked crime-fighter incapable of dealing with this deadly menace.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is the groundbreaking saga penned and illustrated by the extraordinary Frank Miller (300, Sin City). Released initially in 1986, this 4 issue mini-series is almost wholly responsible for the direction the former ‘Caped Crusader’ of earlier incarnations took, becoming darker, grittier and a hell of a lot more intense!

Bat-Noir 2

This fantastic collection of the 80’s masterpiece contains the full 4 issue mini-series for the first time in black and white. This stunning tour de force of a Batman story is even more brooding and bleak in this form, accentuating Batman’s feeling of guilt over his forced abandonment of Gotham, and his eventual return as its most famed guardian.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns will be available from June 16, in hardcover format weighing in at 208 pages. It could not come more highly recommended, it’s not only one of the greatest Batman stories ever told, but one of the most exceptional Superhero stories ever put to paper, standing effortlessly alongside other sublime comic tales such as Watchmen and V For Vendetta. 

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 Brooding Bats Out Of 5.

Frank Miller Returning To Batman With “Dark Knight 3”

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

That’s right Bat-fans, Frank Miller, the celebrated writer and artist of the 80’s classic Dark Knight Returns, is himself returning, to the franchise that made him a legendary name in the comic book world. Frank Miller’s epic 80’s mini-series changed the way the world now perceives Batman, Miller’s Batman is the dark and broody character we have now, a Dark Knight as opposed to the 70’s and early 80’s Caped Crusader.

The original Dark Knight Returns is one of the most celebrated comic book stories of all time, sitting comfortably alongside other luminary greats like Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Its 2001 sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, isn’t as highly regarded but is still a fun ride, just nowhere near the revolutionary brilliance of the original. Dark Knight 3: The Master Race will be released in Autumn this year, marking the original series’ 30th anniversary.

New Comics Spotlight: Batman 75th Anniversary Commemorative Collection

bats 75

It’s expensive being a Batman fanatic most of the time, especially right now with the Caped one celebrating seventy five years of arse-kicking, justice dispensing awesomeness! So many amazing collectibles have been released so far, but you can never have too much Batman. With this in mind DC Comics released this week a slip cover collection of three of the greatest stories of the masked manhunter yet written.

bats 75 collection

Beginning with the seminal eighties classic – The Dark Knight Returns, written and drawn by the legendary Frank Miller, this is one of the greatest pieces of Superhero fiction ever written (right up there with Watchmen and V for Vendetta in our humble opinion comic-fans). Next up is the amazing Hush, written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by one of the greatest artists in the medium – Jim Lee. Completing the trilogy is the more recent Court of Owls, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by the always fantastic Greg Capullo. Highly recommended to all Bat-fans, even if you own some of these separately, the set is so nicely put together that it’s worth buying again … I can hear my wallet crying.

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 costumed vigilantes out of 5


New Comics Spotlight: Batman Essentials – Dark Knight Returns Special Edition #1.


New comics Wednesday is here again fellow comic fans, and with it comes another celebration of the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary with a re-release of issue #1 of the greatest Batman story ever written: The Dark Knight Returns. Originally released in 1986 as a four issue mini series, written and drawn by comic-book maestro – Frank Miller, the Dark Knight takes place years after Bruce Wayne has retired from his role as the Batman. As the years have progressed without Batman’s intervention Gotham has become even more of a cesspit of crime and corruption.


When former District Attorney Harvey Dent returns back to his life of crime and madness as Two Face, Bruce Wayne unable to contain the demons raging inside him, dons the cape and cowl once more, but after so many years of retirement and the fact that he isn’t a young man anymore…can even the Dark Knight bring justice back to the streets of Gotham?

This story is my personal favourite Batman tale of all time, Millers book is dark, gritty and at times just downright crazy! This was the story that paved the way for the character the Batman is today, a much darker and edgier character than he was portrayed previously. This also showcases the final confrontation between Batman and his nemesis the Joker, and the conclusion is absolutely unmissable to all fans…Highly recommended.