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R’as Al Ghul, the Atom and Arsenal appear in new Arrow preview…

That’s right comic fans, the new preview for season 3 of Arrow is out and its a corker! apart from the appearances of both Ray ‘the Atom’ Palmer (played by former Superman – Brandon Routh), we also get Roy Harper as Arsenal and of course the main event that is titular Bat villain – R’as al Ghul!



Former Superman..Brandon Routh returns as different DC superhero in television series Arrow.


Former Superman actor Brandon Routh will be returning to the DC universe in the television show Arrow. Routh will be playing scientist Ray Palmer better known as superhero, the Atom. Ray Palmer was a physics teacher at Ivy University who developed the equipment to shrink himself to a subatomic level whilst retaining his regular mass and weight. Routh will be joining the regular cast of Arrow from season 3.