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Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

Hello again friends…

NUMBER 4 is: Green Arrow.


Green Arrow, real name Oliver Queen was created by Morton Weisinger and George Papp in November of 1943. He was created in the wake of another famous costumed vigilante ‘Batman’ and his early stories were very much an archer version of that character, he was a billionaire playboy who was head of Queen industries, had a young sidekick called Speedy, he also had the Arrow cave and an Arrowmobile. As time went on Oliver became his own character and moved away from the obvious similarities to the Batman, as a young boy Oliver idolised Robin Hood and started learning archery at an early age. As Oliver got older he began to go off the rails, partying constantly and drinking heavily, things changed however when he was swept off his boat and drifted onto the deserted ‘Starfish island’. Oliver spent the long months alone on this island perfecting his archery and survival skills, at one point discovering a smuggling den deep in the island run by the crime-lord China White. Using his newly acquired skills, Oliver broke up the smuggling ring and managed to capture and deliver the smugglers to the authorities before making his way back home to Star city. Invigorated by his adventures and new found skills, Oliver took up his bow and fashioned a costume and proceeded to hunt down the various criminals of Star city as the Green Arrow.

Though very popular with comic-book fans, apart from a small role in Smallville, Oliver has been fairly unknown to the general public at large in his seventy plus years of existence, until recently. A television series called ‘Arrow’ following the adventures of the young Oliver Queen has been massively successful and has renewed hope that maybe one day soon Green Arrow will get his chance at starring in his own big budget movie…he definitely deserves it!