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Comic Cover Of The Week: Convergence – Shadow Of The Bat #1

Con bat

(DC Comics, 2015)

This weeks exemplary comic-cover has us travelling back to 1993, taking place just after the Knightfall series that saw Supervillain Bane break the Batman (quite literally). Whilst in long term recovery with a broken back, Bruce Wayne grants anti-hero Azrael the chance to become Gotham’s new guardian and take over the mantle of the Batman. Azrael (real name Jean Paul Valley) becomes increasingly more violent and unstable in his new role, designing his own version of the Bat costume he sets out to rid Gotham of crime once and for all, by murdering anyone who gets in his way, literally the antithesis of what the Batman stands for.

Written by: Larry Hama. Interior Art by: Jason Paz and Philip Tan. Cover Art by: Philip Tan. Variant Cover by: Chip Kidd.

Convergence: Shadow of the Bat #1 is available from April 14th at your local comic book emporium, fellow fans of fine fiction!