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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #50

(Copyright-DC Comics)

(Copyright-DC Comics)

Welcome back to another instalment of Classic Wonder Woman, Precinct1313’s weekly comic-cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the world’s foremost female Superhero. This week we delve into the Amazon archive to bring you; Wonder Woman (vol-2) #50. Written by George Perez, with cover art by George Perez, and interior art by various artists including Brian Bolland and Adam Hughes. Released in January 1991.

This weeks titanic tale is titled “Embrace The Dawn”  and follows Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons as they make preparations to journey to Man’s world for the first time. Queen Hippolyta prays to the Gods as Menalippe performs a ceremony to bless the Amazons who are about to reveal themselves to the world outside of Themyscira. In New York, Hermes opens a portal for the Amazons to traverse, led by Hippolyta the Amazons step unto Man’s world for the first time and stop in their tracks to remove their bracelets of submission, no longer feeling the need to be chained to the memories of their past subjugation by Heracles.

This oversized anniversary issue brings together some of the greatest comic artists of all time, with each providing their own unique variation on the amazing Amazon. Artists include the likes of, George Perez, Brian Bolland, Adam Hughes, Matt Wagner and Sergio Aragones.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my admirable Amazonian associates!