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Comic Cover Of The Week: Green Arrow #42

G.A #42

DC Comics-2015

New comics Wednesday is upon us once again, my comic collecting cohorts, and this weeks cover highlight is; Green Arrow #42, depicting everyone’s favourite emerald archer stalking the rooftops of Seattle. Oliver Queen is more popular now than he has ever been thanks to an influx of new fans through the rather splendid “Arrow” television series, and his “New 52” reboot series has also been a sterling triumph for DC Comics, containing great character development, engrossing storylines and notable artwork.

July also heralds the beginning of DC’s “Teen Titans GO” variant cover month, with a handful of their monthly titles (including GA #42) shipping with alternate covers depicting the popular cartoon network show that stars Robin, Batgirl, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. The show itself is known for its cheerful and humorous tone and is a fun watch for comic fans of all ages.

Green Arrow #42 - Teen Titans GO variant

Green Arrow #42 – Teen Titans GO variant

Green Arrow #42 is available at your local comic-book emporium right now. Written by: Benjamin Percy. Cover and Interior art by: Patrick Zircher. Variant Cover by: Craig Rousseau.

Precinct1313 recommends – Green Arrow..Deluxe Edition by Kevin Smith.

Green Arrow 1

Welcome comic fans to a new spotlight feature we call Precinct1313 recommends, here we will be focusing on particular Graphic Novels or Comics that have been highly praised by critics or well received by fans. Our first spotlight segment is devoted to the Emerald Archer – Green Arrow. In 2001, film director and writer Kevin Smith wrote a comic maxi-series about Oliver Queen’s resurrection from the dead by Hal Jordan the former Green Lantern who at this point in the DC universe had become the entity known as Parallax. Newly resurrected, Ollie goes back to his former role as Green Arrow taking on a new ward…Mia Dearden as his sidekick Speedy, he launches an investigation into his death as he seems to be missing several important key memories. 

ga deluxe

With the help of the world’s greatest detective – Batman, and a massive cast of supporting Superheroes including Black Canary, Wonder Woman and former Speedy Roy Harper, Ollie uncovers a web of intrigue, mystery and deceit that will drive him on to a literal soul searching conclusion! This deluxe hardcover of the original Quiver series will be released on August 13th, art duties are handled excellently by Phil Hester and Ande Parks and Kevin Smith shows his love and knowledge of the classic Superhero with a fantastically well written and emotionally involving tale of resurrection and redemption.

Back from the dead and smooching with Wonder is great for Oliver Queen!

Back from the dead and smooching with Wonder is great for Oliver Queen!

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 nocked arrows out of 5

Arrow television show writers are taking over writing duties on Green Arrow comics.

 Green Arrow

The writers of the hit television series ‘Arrow’, Ben Sokolowski and Andrew Kreisberg will be writing the ongoing monthly Green Arrow comics when current writer Jeff Lemire leaves the book. Their first issue will be October’s Green Arrow#35. We hope they bring back the snarky, fun loving Green Arrow of pre-new 52, this new version of Ollie Queen is a bit too serious and downbeat for our liking.

Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

Hello again friends…

NUMBER 4 is: Green Arrow.


Green Arrow, real name Oliver Queen was created by Morton Weisinger and George Papp in November of 1943. He was created in the wake of another famous costumed vigilante ‘Batman’ and his early stories were very much an archer version of that character, he was a billionaire playboy who was head of Queen industries, had a young sidekick called Speedy, he also had the Arrow cave and an Arrowmobile. As time went on Oliver became his own character and moved away from the obvious similarities to the Batman, as a young boy Oliver idolised Robin Hood and started learning archery at an early age. As Oliver got older he began to go off the rails, partying constantly and drinking heavily, things changed however when he was swept off his boat and drifted onto the deserted ‘Starfish island’. Oliver spent the long months alone on this island perfecting his archery and survival skills, at one point discovering a smuggling den deep in the island run by the crime-lord China White. Using his newly acquired skills, Oliver broke up the smuggling ring and managed to capture and deliver the smugglers to the authorities before making his way back home to Star city. Invigorated by his adventures and new found skills, Oliver took up his bow and fashioned a costume and proceeded to hunt down the various criminals of Star city as the Green Arrow.

Though very popular with comic-book fans, apart from a small role in Smallville, Oliver has been fairly unknown to the general public at large in his seventy plus years of existence, until recently. A television series called ‘Arrow’ following the adventures of the young Oliver Queen has been massively successful and has renewed hope that maybe one day soon Green Arrow will get his chance at starring in his own big budget movie…he definitely deserves it!