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Precinct1313 Recommends: Odyssey Of The Amazons #1


Author, Kevin Grevioux is bringing his love of strong female protagonists to a new mini-series for DC Comics with “Odyssey Of The Amazons”. Grevioux is probably best known as the co-creator of the smash hit “Underworld” series of movies, the Kate Beckinsale led film franchise that dealt with the ongoing, millennia spanning conflict between Vampire and Lycan (werewolf) clans. 

The six issue series is set many years before the birth of Princess Diana, and follows a group of Amazons as they set out on an expedition to discover others of their ilk, along the way they encounter mythical beasts and legendary creatures. But the crusade eventually turns into a rescue mission as two of their party are captured by Norse Storm Giants.

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A solid first issue kicks off a previously untold chapter in Amazon lore as we follow the group of Amazon warriors and their fearless leader Hessia, as they scour the world outside of Themyscira on a search for more of their kind. Feeling very much in the mould of an epic tale of antiquity such as Jason and the Argonauts, Grevioux’s mythical tale is fantastically well rendered and is an exciting and welcome addition to Amazon mythos.

The series is in essence an Amazon origin story, exploring their existence and beginnings. Though the Amazons themselves are primarily a race derived from ancient Greece, they are also a diverse group comprising many ethnicities, and Odyssey aims to explain their eventual formation as the immortal female race of warriors, artisans, and scholars we all know and love.

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Our first encounter with the adventurous group of Amazons is in battle, as they face off against an invading troop of O’Kungians in the fictional African country Zhu’Kara. It’s here that we first meet the group’s stalwart leader Hessia, a strong confident character revered by her Amazon peers, tasked by Queen Hippolyta with gathering Amazons from different cultures and nations, and returning with them to Themyscira. The visuals by Ryan Benjamin are fantastic, beautifully detailed, they especially shine during the hectic battle sequences, where his art flows almost as if animated.

Odyssey Of The Amazons #1 is an engaging and exciting first look at Grevioux’s take on Amazon history, strong characterisation, an awesome central character in Hessia and sublime artwork by Benjamin. Highly recommended.