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Precinct1313 Recommends: Super Sons #1


They may both be Superheroes, founding members of the Justice League and all round crime-fighting bad-arses, but Batman and Superman aren’t always the best of buddies, and, unsurprisingly, neither are their progeny.

The last time Precinct1313 caught up with Damian Wayne’s rambunctious Robin, and Jon Kent’s Kid of Steel, they were involved in a bout of fisticuffs worthy of their powerful patriarch’s many clashes throughout the decades… like father, like son seems apt. However, again like their respective parents, these two wannabe Superheroes were always destined to fight crime together, and it’s their irrevocably conflicting personalities that makes Super Sons #1 such a joy to behold.

super sons #1.jpg

Written by Peter Tomasi, with art duties falling to the fantastic Jorge Jiminez, Super Sons #1 focuses primarily on this direct clash of disposition between the “lil” costume crime-fighting sidekicks, and it’s glorious. Damian Wayne may be the son of the Batman and League of Assassins’ Talia Al Ghul, a highly trained martial artist and nifty ninja of notable nature, but he’s also a narcissist with severe delusions of grandeur who likes nothing more than to mess with Jon Kent’s mind. Whether it’s secreting himself in Jon’s bedroom, before confronting him after he’s just about to fall asleep, or impersonating Jon’s school bus driver, Damian really does revel in freaking out his prospective ally, much to Jon’s annoyance.

suso1 - Edited.jpg

Oooooh, He’s A Rascally Robin!

Jonathan Kent is Damian’s polar opposite (well of course, he was raised by none other than that big blue boy-scout Superman) a kind and considerate son, who genuinely wants to help his fellow humans, a responsible, straight laced kid with caring and sensitive parents in Clark Kent and Lois Lane, who have endeavoured to instil into Jon a sympathetic understanding of the world around him… which is in stark contrast to Damian’s own upbringing, I mean, he is the son of the goddamn Batman after all!

Damian’s childhood was vastly different to Jon’s, an isolated upbringing with nary a kind word from his father. Bruce Wayne is a distant and austere patriarch, a solemn guardian of the night, whose only true mission in his life is to fight crime in a desperate attempt to avenge his parent’s death and appease his guilty conscience. Which makes it no surprise that Damian should ultimately reach out to Jon for companionship, even though the only way he knows how to do this is by being an annoying arse!


Super Sons is a fantastic first issue, an exceptionally fun and zany comic that combines perfectly the burgeoning friendship between the two antithetical heroes, and their relevant parental nurturing’s (or lack thereof) ultimate effect on their prospective psyche. A must buy.

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #170

ww v2 #170

The studio doors are open for you to take your seats, as we join Daily Planet‘s star reporter Lois Lane in a revealing interview with the Amazon Princess, just in time for this week’s edition of “Classic Wonder Woman,” Precinct1313‘s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the awesome Amazon.

Yet another sublime Adam Hughes cover introduces us to this week’s inquisitive issue, entitled “She’s A Wonder” and brought to you by; Joe Kelly, Phil Jimenez, and Adam Hughes. Released in July 2001.

ww #170 panel 2

Lois Lane spends a day in the company of Diana for a special expose titled “A Day In The Life Of Wonder Woman,” following the Amazon Princess as she visits the White House for official business with President Luthor (yes indeed, Lex Luthor was the American President for awhile… let’s just say it didn’t end well!) gives a speech at the United Nations, and stops to shoot a few games of pool at a Metropolis Suicide Slum pool hall, before finally guest starring on the talk show itself and fielding some hard hitting and confrontational questions from Lois.

An absolute blast of an issue, from the awe-inspiring Hughes cover to the terrific story that expertly showcases Diana and Lois‘ tense and extremely prickly relationship, especially when it comes to their mutual interest… Kal El.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astounding Amazonian associates!