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We Love Kotobukiya…

Precinct1313’s comic crypt shelves are already literally straining from the weight of all the amazing Kotobukiya statues of our favourite DC Comics Superheroes and now the Japanese based creator of top quality statues and figurines has released another awesome statue which will be hard to resist, this time of the mistress of magic herself, the inimitable Zatanna.

Koto Zatanna 4

Zatanna is DC’s foremost practitioner of Magic, quite possibly the most powerful character in their pantheon of heroes and villains, due to the fact that she can accomplish anything she can perceive by just speaking it backwards. She was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson in 1964, daughter of famous stage magician Giovanni Zatara and Sindella a member of the magical race Homo-Magi. Zatanna makes her living as an illusionist but is also a founding member of the mystical team of Superheroes, Justice League Dark.

 Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue of Zatanna is a stunning recreation of the preternatural practitioner of the paranormal. Zatanna comes clothed in her trademark black tuxedo and tails, fishnet stockings and boots, hand outstretched with her signature top hat, this is another great figure from the masters at Kotobukiya. The Bishoujo range takes classic Superheroes and gives them an anime styling and I find that their range of female hero figures suits this technique perfectly.

Koto Zatanna

Designed by the always amazing Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by the talented Takaboku Busujima, Zatanna stands ten inches in height and comes with a transparent base. As with all of Koto’s other comic-book statues this is a beautiful piece, and if you’re in any way shape or form a fan of the character then this is a must buy from the expert crafters of awesome at Kotobukiya.

Koto Zatanna 3

Original artwork by Shunya Yamashita

We Love Kotobukiya – #5

Welcome once more comic-collecting friends to another installment of – We Love Kotobukiya, our regular look at all the cool toys and statues that this fantastic Japanese company creates. Today we are focusing on the Cupid of Crime, the inimitable Harley Quinn!

koto harley4


Mistress of Mischief, Harley was first introduced in September of 1992 in the Batman animated series episode – Joker’s Favour, created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley’s character became so popular that  just one year later she was incorporated into the DC comic universe as a regular character, with her first comic appearance in Batman Adventures #12.

In 1994 the Eisner award winning one shot comic – Mad Love was released, written by Harley’s original creators, it focused on Harley Quinn’s origin story. Harleen Quinzel was a Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, it was here that she first met and fell in love with her ‘puddin’ the Joker whilst she was treating him, and eventually turned to crime to impress him, later becoming his accomplice and on/off love interest. She has become one of DC Comic’s most beloved characters, with her fun yet dangerous demeanour, endearing her to millions of fans worldwide and is always a favourite amongst cosplayers!

koto harley1

The Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue of Harley was released towards the end of 2012, designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Mashiro Takahashi. The statue itself stands a little over 10″, and she is wearing her original and very iconic, red and black harlequin outfit.

koto harley2

Sat astride her giant mallet, Harley looks amazing, it is always the details that really make Kotobukiya’s statues stand out from a sea of toys and figures, and Harley is no different, with once again her beautifully painted eyes being a stand out feature.

koto harley3

There also exists a rarer variant of the figure released in 2013 which depicts her sans mask, though either version will fit beautifully next to the other Bishoujo statues of the Gotham City Sirens of crime – Catwoman and Poison Ivy on your shelf.

koto harley5


We Love Kotobukiya – #4

Damn you Kotobukiya for making such awesome statues and figures, because we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to the characters we love, we just have to buy them…and their latest reveal is something we have wanted for a very long time indeed, it has risen to the top of our most wanted list and is definitely the next addition to the Comic Crypt’s shelves.


Meet Batwoman, real name Kate Kane…Batwoman is one of our favourite female heroes of all time (number 5 in Precinct1313’s favourite comic-book characters). Batwoman was created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff in 1956, it was decided at the time that Batman needed a larger supporting cast of heroes in Gotham City and so Ace the Bathound, Batmite and Kathy Kane  – Batwoman were given life in the pages of Detective Comics and Batman.


Kate was initially added to also introduce a love interest for Bruce Wayne, but by the mid 1960’s when DC editor Julius Schwartz took over the Batman titles he decided to remove as he called it, ‘non-essential characters’ from the Batman mythos and unfortunately one of the victims of his editorial spring cleaning was Batwoman. Then after close to forty years Batwoman returned, like the proverbial phoenix when she was re-introduced into the DC universe during the weekly comic-book series: 52.

Artwork by the amazing JH Williams.

Artwork by the amazing JH Williams.

This version of Kate was vastly different to her predecessor. Strong independent and ex-military, she was also no longer a mere love interest for Batman, much was made of her introduction as a lesbian character, DC got both good and bad press about this decision, ultimately it was Kate’s strength of character and the amazing writing and art which were both handled by the awesome JH Williams that made her comeback so successful for DC. She is now their second biggest selling female Superhero after the awesome Amazon…Wonder Woman.

Kate Kane

The Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue of Batwoman is once again designed by the very talented Shunya Yamashita, standing 1/7 scale, approximately 10″ in height. The detailing is fantastic with the red and black gloss paintwork contrasting extremely well, her mask is removable so that you can see Kate’s beautiful pale features below. Kate stands with her hand outstretched and her red and black cape billowing behind her. No official release date has been given as yet, but Kotobukiya have said you can expect to see Kate adorning your local comic-book shop shelves sometime in early 2015, not sure we can wait that long!

Kate Kane2


We Love Kotobukiya – #2.


We love Starfire here at Precinct1313, she is one of our favourite female superheroes..(no.9 in our top 15 characters of all time 1313 fact fans), so allow us to share these pictures of the awesome Kotobukiya statue of the adorable alien Princess. This fantastic version of  Koriand’r of Tamaran was originally envisioned by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita, and the statue is an amazing rendition of his original design by sculptor Toshiaki Hogari.

starfire kotobukiya illu

Standing at 1/7 scale, just over 8 inches in height, Starfire exudes beauty..from the intricately designed and beautiful face replete with her gorgeous bright green eyes to the the long flowing red hair, this statue encapsulates everything we adore about the one time Teen Titan heroine. The release date for the statue is tentatively put as sometime between September and November, which means we can add this to our Xmas present list along with the dozens of other toys and figures we need in our lives!

starfire artfx1koriand'r kotobukiyakoto kori4

We Love Kotobukiya – #1

Here at Precinct1313 we don’t just read about Superheroes, like all dedicated comic fans we also like to collect Superheroes. Our favourite toys and statues are produced by the amazing – Kotobukiya, a Japanese manufacturer that has been making toys and figures since 1947 when a single shop was opened by Jusaburo Shimizu to make dolls.

kotobukiya logo 1

It became a limited company in 1951, but it wasn’t until 1985 that they made their first licensed figure – Godzilla, since then the company has grown into the leading licensed toy and statue manufacturer on the planet, their attention to detail is second to none and each and every piece they put out is a work of art. We love this company and already have many of their amazing statues adorning our shelves in the comic crypt, but there is always room for more! So we will be doing an occasional look at whatever is on our current wish-list from this amazing company, beginning with…

deathstroke artfx1

Deathstroke, Slade Wilson…another fantastic statue from the masters at Kotobukiya, the statue stands 12 inches in height and is, as always intricately detailed and is posed dynamically with sword in hand. The mask itself is held in place with a small magnet which allows you to remove it so you can see Slade’s grizzled features. The paint work as ever is stunning and it comes with a stand with Deathstroke embossed in large letters upon it, our lives are not complete without this…we need it as much as we do air or water (maybe even more than that!). 

deathstroke artfx2