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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #53

WW #53

(DC Comics, 1941-2015)

Welcome once more my Amazon loving friends to our weekly classic comic-cover countdown to Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, this week we present you with¬†Wonder Woman #53,¬†Written by William M. Marston and pencilled by Irv Novick.

Of course the coolest thing about this cover is the the little known fact that her creator, the aforementioned William Moulton Marston was also one of the inventors of the original polygraph machine, so this cover is a fun little shout out to his involvement. It was his participation in the development of the polygraph, that also led to the creation of Diana’s famous golden ‘Lasso of Truth’ (aka the Lariat of Hestia).

Join us again in a weeks time for another classic WW cover, my amazing Amazonian associates.