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Motion Monday – Zatanna

JLD Zatanna

Welcome fellow comic fans to another motion comic spotlight, this time featuring the lovely Mistress of Magic – Zatanna. Zatanna Zatara was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson in 1964 and made her first appearance in Hawkman #4. Her father is the world famous stage magician Giovanni Zatara and her Mother is Sindella, a member of the Homo-Magi, a race of magic wielding humans.

Like her parents Zatanna’s mystical powers are real, and she makes her living as an illusionist, whilst also saving the world on occasion as a member of Justice League Dark, a team of mystical Superheroes that includes John Constantine amongst its ranks.

Zatanna 1

Zatanna’s father was a good friend of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father and trained the young Batman in escapology techniques, Zatanna and Bruce were childhood friends and continued to be close up until the events of ‘Identity Crisis’, where Batman discovered that Zatanna had selectively wiped his mind of certain events that took place in the highly recommended comic classic.

Zee and Bats

Zatanna is quite possibly the most powerful Superhero in the DC Universe, with the ability to do anything that she can think of by just uttering the words backwards, she is also capable of using her powers by writing the spells out in her own blood, which she has done on the occasions that she has been unable to speak.

Zee Smallville

Zatanna made her live action debut in the CW series Smallville in 2009, brought to life by actress Serinda Swan, with her comic book relationship with Constantine there is hope that we may be seeing the Maestro of Magic reappear on our screens again.

The Justice League Dark – Futures End #1 will be available to buy on the 24th of September, with the motion cover drawn by Justin Ferreyra, interior art by Andread Guinaldo and Walden Wong and written by J.M DeMatteis.

Precinct1313 Recommends: Identity Crisis



In June 2004 DC comics released the first issue of Identity Crisis, penned by Eisner award winning writer Brad Meltzer with interior art handled by Rags Morales, it went on to become one of their biggest ever selling mini-series. Spiralling out of previous series – Crisis on Infinite Earths, which shook up the continuity of the DC universe, this is an emotional and moving drama that deals with murder, betrayal and the eventual breakdown of relationship between the major Superheroes of the Justice League.

Identity 2

When Sue Dibny the wife of elasticated Superhero Elongated man is found murdered in their apartment, the Superhero community at large comes together to solve her tragic death. With Supervillain Doctor Light being the prime suspect after Green Arrow admits to the Flash and Green Lantern that Dr Light had previously raped Sue, which caused magic maestro Zatanna to wipe Light’s mind and change his personality to prevent him from ever doing this again, they go after the crazed Supervillain.

When Dr Light suddenly regains memory of this event, enraged he seemingly murders Sue Dibny in retaliation…with the Justice League closing in, Light hires super mercenary Deathstroke for protection. This makes for one of the greatest showdowns in comic history as the Justice League (sans Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman), clash with Deathstroke and end up underestimating the worlds’ most dangerous mercenary!


The Justice League are about to have a very bad day!


The subject matter of Identity Crisis is very dark and at times rather disturbing, the conflicts between the Superheroes themselves are emotionally scarring and far reaching into later comic series. This is a rollercoaster ride of a series with everything thrown at the reader, and a twist at the end that you will not see coming. Awesomely crafted by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales, both of them doing some of their greatest ever work. We also get the death of the current Robin – Tim Drake’s father, with an amazingly emotional panel of mentor Batman comforting the now orphaned teenager, paralleling his own tragic circumstances.


The Identity Crisis saga can be bought as a collected works trade paperback, and is highly recommended as one of the greatest pieces of comic-book storytelling since Watchmen or the Dark Knight Returns, and like those previous stories the content matter is very dark, so caution is advised.

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 Beat-Down Superheroes Out Of 5