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Wedding bells and Mallets: Harley and the Joker get married ?!

Harley 3d

Five years in the future and Harley Quinn and her ‘puddin’, the Joker finally tie the knot (noose may or may not be involved). Retreating to a desert island getaway for their honeymoon … ’til death do us part’ seems like an apt phrase for this dysfunctional couples’ future!

The Harley Quinn – Futures End motion comic is available right now comic-fans, with the awesome motion cover drawn by Amanda Conner, interior art by Chad Hardin and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

Comics in Motion #3 – the Phantom Stranger…

P.Stranger F.E

Allow us to share another great motion cover from the upcoming Futures End series of 3D motion comics, this time we are focusing on the mysterious Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger was created by the great Carmine Infantino and John Broome in 1952, making his appearance in a six issue mini series. The Stranger is unique amongst comic book heroes in that he has never been given an actual backstory, his origins and history have always been shrouded in mystery along with his supernatural powers, rendering him an actual stranger to the reader themselves.

The Phantom stranger is an immortal and omniscient character who sees all, pursuing supernatural crime and beings of magical prowess with dark hearts and intentions, he is often seen as aloof and unemotional. The Futures End – Phantom Stranger #1, will be available on September 3rd, written by Dan Didio and J.M DeMatteis with interior art by Phil Winslade.

Comics in Motion #2 – Wonder Woman

The new Futures End motion covers coming in September are so cool we thought we would share another with you, this time of our favourite comic character – Wonder Woman.

wonder woman motion

This issue will be available on September 17, with the amazing cover by Tom Raney, interior art by Rags Morales and written by Charles soule. The Futures End story is a year long weekly saga that began in May and runs through to March 2015. Each of DC Comic’s major characters will be receiving the special motion covers throughout September.

Comics in Motion


The Futures End saga continues through September for DC Comics, with special motion covers for each of the major characters debut issues, as seen above with the awesome Batwoman – Futures End #1.

Futures End is an epic, year long weekly series by Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens. The series which began in May this year is set five years into the future, and follows Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis’ attempt to avert Brother Eye’s nefarious plans on Earth Prime, which is still reeling from the effects of the Multiversity war.