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Precinct1313’s Comics From The Future: Frostbite


Precinct1313 is a dilemma within a mystery, contained in an enigma… almost two and a half years have passed since this entity first welcomed us into its dark ceaseless corridors, herculean halls and cavernous crypts, and even now, after all this time, we are discovering new chambers and areas. Recently we uncovered yet another mysterious room, aptly named ‘The Scrying Chamber’, within this portentous room stood a single stone table upon which sat an ominous black crystal ball.

So gaze deep, dear readers, into destiny through Precinct1313’s mystical crystal ball of amazement, towards a stark future where humanity has entered into the harsh and bitter fate of a second Ice Age.

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Frostbite is the upcoming new series from Vertigo, and depicts humanity’s struggle against the harsh elements of a new ice age. The story itself follows a resilient and heroic woman named Keaton, who transports human cargo across the bleak and ice laden landscape. Brutal gangs roam the icy lands and a highly contagious new and deadly disease has reared its head, named ‘Frostbite’.

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Frostbite has the reverse effect on the human body that the new ice age has wrought, it freezes people from the inside out! if you become infected the effect is instantaneous and fatal, there is no cure. That is until now, Dr Henry Bonham and his daughter Victoria have found the answer to ending Frostbite and must make their way to a secret government outpost in Alcatraz, so they can administer the cure across the planet. This is where they meet the aforementioned Keaton and her crew, who must take on the responsibility and potential consequences for humanity’s fight for existence by ferrying the Doctor and his daughter across the harsh and unforgiving terrain.

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This new mini-series is brought to you by acclaimed scribe Joshua Williamson (who recently gave us the rather wonderful Flash Rebirth) and artist Jason Alexander (Batman: Arkham City) and will be available at all good comic emporiums on September 28.