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Comic Cover(s) Of The Week: Elvira – Mistress Of The Dark #2

elv - Edited (1)

*Warning – The Innuendo Is Strong With This One!*

A double dose of cool comic cover creativeness this week… or perhaps I should say a double D considering the star of these far from innocent issues is none other than our favourite voluptuous vixen vamp… Elvira!


That’s right fellow fans of fantastic fiction, Cassandra Peterson’s suggestively insinuating heroine has returned thanks to a brand new four issue mini series courtesy of Dynamite Comics.

el v.jpg

Double-entendres (surprise, surprise!) abound as we follow the Mistress of the Dark as she hurtles her way through horror history whilst hounded by the villainous Vlad Tepes. Last issue, after a tangle with a time travelling casket, our titular celebutante gate-crashed Mary Shelley’s infamous monster party, raided a spooky wine cellar and fended off the audacious advances of bloodsucking impaler Tepes.

This month our heroic hell-cat, having temporarily given the dastardly Dracul the slip, teams up with none other than eerie Edgar Allan Poe for a second round bout with the recurring viciously vile and vehement Vlad. 

elv - Edited

And why not throw yourselves into a chasm of cleavage clad comic covers, as each and every issue throws up a veritable treasure chest (with the emphasis, of course, on chest… I mean c’mon, it’s Elvira!) of variants of our voracious virago vixen.

elv4 - Edited (1).jpg

Cassandra Peterson’s celebrity chasing creation – Elvira was first brought to the fore an astonishing thirty five years ago! and since that time has been the star of both film and television. The horror hostess extreme has ruled over her fervent fandom with her irreverent, suggestive and allusion laden humour, with Dynamite’s fantastic comic series capturing every nuance of her fourth wall breaking voluptuously vulgar verbose. A fabulously fun read for both fans and newcomers alike… her hellacious hijinks come highly recommended!


1313 elv.jpg


Hallowe’en Approaches…


Well with an online moniker like ‘ArcaneHalloween’ how can I not celebrate this ghoulish holiday, so a quick preview of what we shall be writing about on this day of the dead!

The obligatory horror movie review of course, but not Halloween itself (even though it is by far my favourite horror movie) ¬†Possible candidates are: April Fools Day – a classic horror whodunnit from the eighties, The Frighteners – fantastic Michael J.Fox supernatural movie directed by a pre-Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson, Elvira – Mistress of the Dark … cause we love Cassandra Peterson here at the Precinct.

A Fools day

The annual Exeter Zombie walk – on the 31st of October every year the dead rise and walk the streets of my home city of Exeter in the UK. So to celebrate we shall be risking life and limb by bringing you exclusive pictures of this undead uprising.

exe zombies

Where’s Ash and his chainsaw when you really need him?

Plus a short history of Samhain itself, prepare yourselves it’s going to get scary…