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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #300

(Copyright-DC Comics)

(Copyright-DC Comics)

Welcome back my astonishing Amazonian associates to another instalment of, Classic Wonder Woman, Precinct1313’s weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Diana of Themyscira. This week we delve into the Ancient Amazon Archives to bring you; Wonder Woman #300, written by Roy Thomas and Dan Thomas, with cover and interior art by various artists includingEd Hannigan, Dick Giordano, Gene Colan, Keith Giffen and Ross Andru. Released in February 1983.

This astounding anniversary issue sports a wraparound cover that depicts scenes from adventures past and present, and a cavalcade of heroes and villains. Behind this issues amazingly detailed cover lies the tale “Beautiful Dreamer, Death Unto Thee…”

WW #300 wraparound cover

This titanic tale tantalises Diana’s struggle against a shadowy monster who equals her in power, and torments the amazing Amazon at every turn. She encounters the hero known as the Sandman ( Dr. Garrett Sanford version) who relays to Diana it is, in actuality an escaped nightmare, that is the personification of her fears. The story encompasses a huge cast of supporting characters including, Power Girl, The Justice League, Teen Titans, Lois Lane and, the Earth-Two variant of Wonder Woman.

WW earth 2

Sharing the same origin as her alternate dimensional counterpart, Diana of Earth-Two originally was created when DC Comics retconned the original Wonder Woman stories by her creator William Moulton Marston. DC created a Multiverse that consisted of many parallel worlds co-existing on alternate dimensional planes, contained within each universe were differing variants of their classic heroes and villains. The Multiverse was created as an explanation as to why the (non immortal) Superheroes and villains could have been active throughout the decades and yet seem not to age.

"Fury" - Lyta Trevor, daughter of Earth-2 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

“Fury” – Lyta Trevor, daughter of Earth-2 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

The Earth-2 variants of DC’s classic characters are older and wiser than their fledgling Earth-One counterparts, this version of Wonder Woman is semi-retired and married to General Steve Trevor, with a daughter named Lyta. Lyta Trevor is also known by her alter ego of “Fury” (named after the Furies of Greek mythology) with the same powers as her mother, she is one of the founding members of Infinity Inc, the Earth-2 version of The Teen Titans.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my admirable Amazonian associates!

New Comics Spotlight: Constantine#19


New comics Wednesday is here again friends and this time we will spend it in the company of supernatural investigator extraordinaire – John Constantine. As if being stranded in the alternate dimension of Earth 2 isn’t bad enough for the cynical occult detective, the fact that this particular Earth is being ripped apart by Darkseid and his minions only confounds his situation, and all John wants to do is get to Liverpool intact, but this may prove impossible with the apocalyptic war raging around him. Join John on a road trip through hell and just hope to come out the other side in one piece.


Constantine #19 is available now in your local comic emporium, with the awesome cover by Justin Ferreyra, interior art by Jeremy Haun and written by Ray Fawkes.

Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

Welcome friends…

NUMBER 6 is: Power Girl.


Power Girl was created by Gerry Conway and Wally Wood and was first introduced in All Star comics #58 in January of 1976, she is from the alternate reality of Earth 2 where she was known as Supergirl. Her origin story has varied over the years but currently is the same as her equivalent Earth one counterpart, when her parents learn that their planet-Krypton 2 was going to be destroyed they sent Kara Zor-L (PG’s real name) to Earth in a capsule to escape the destruction. At the same time her cousin Kal-El..Superman was also being put aboard his own escape capsule by his parents, though they left at relatively the same time Kara’s pod took longer to reach Earth 2.

There have been differing versions of what happened after this event in the comics, but the current story as told by the reboot New 52 version is that Earth 2 is attacked by the Apokolips ruler and God-like being of Darkseid, during this struggle the alternate versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are killed and Kara and her friend..fellow crime fighter Helena Wayne (known as the Huntress and daughter of Earth 2’s Batman and Catwoman) are thrown into a dimensional rift and end up on Earth one. Discovering that another Supergirl exists in this dimension PG changes her name to Karen Starr and renames herself Power Girl.

Though they are essentially the same character, the differences between Power Girl and Supergirl are many, PG is physically bigger than Supergirl and is a few years older and a lot less naive. Running her own billion dollar business, PG spends her off time fighting crime alongside the Huntress in the monthly World’s Finest comic-book.