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V-Log1313: Delightfully Dazzling And Distinctly Decorative Donna Troy Statue Unboxing


Hey there fellow agents of Precinct1313, and a warm welcome to another episode of – V-Log1313. You may remember a few months back we posted a vid of a stunning Starfire statue based upon glorious George Perez’s dynamic design which ultimately formed part of a multi statue set comprising the Teen Titans from a Perez classic 1980’s cover, well, our Wonder Girl companion piece has finally arrived in the Precinct… so let’s set about unboxing everyone’s second favourite Amazon warrior – Donna Troy!

And here are the two statues together at last, and aren’t they just astonishingly adorable!


Plus a look at just a part of the Precinct’s superlative shelf of superhero statues…


Thanks for watching fellow fans of fantastic fiction, our next unboxing video will star the bombastic bombshells variant of Batwoman! same Bat-time, same Bat-channel…

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Classic Wonder Woman: Who Is Donna Troy?


Meanwhile, in the 1960’s… Donna Troy’s past is a hotbed of alternate paths, though she is often mistaken as the original holder of the title of Wonder Girl, it was actually Wonder Woman herself that was the source of that character, as put forward by Robert Kanigher during his early 60’s run on Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl during the iconic Kanigher series of issues was actually awesome adolescent Amazon, Princess Diana, brought forward in time to adventure alongside her grown up self, with help from Wonder Tot (yes… really!) and Queen Hippolyta.

The title of Wonder Girl has actually been held by four different characters over the course of Wonder Woman’s extensive run, though only three of them are officially canon as legitimate versions in DC Universe legend. Donna was actually the second holder of the title, making her first appearance in 1965, and was later succeeded by Cassandra Sandsmark in 1996. The other character to briefly hold the moniker was Drusilla, a small role that took place during issues #182 – #184 in the very late 60’s, this is the version of Wonder Girl that was actually featured in the 70’s Lynda Carter starring Wonder Woman television series, played by Debra Winger.

ww wg1 - Edited.jpg

Sensational Seventies Wonder Woman And Wonder Girl, Courtesy Of Lynda Carter And Debra Winger

But it is Donna who generally comes to mind whenever Wonder Girl is referred to, similar to how most fans see Babs Gordon as the definitive Batgirl, even though Betty Kane held the title many years before her. And if all that seems mildly confusing… then welcome to the rabbit hole that is Donna’s multiple origin stories, take a deep breath my amazing Amazonian associates for we are about to venture forth into said hole, to ultimately discover… Who Is Donna Troy?

ntt dt

Donna made her first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #60 in 1965, as a member of the sidekick superteam – Teen Titans, which primarily consisted of Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash. 

It was Marv Wolfman who first proffered an origin tale for Donna in Teen Titans #22 in 1969. The story established that Donna was human orphan who was saved by Wonder Woman from a devastating fire. Diana, unable to find any parents or guardians for Donna, adopted her and took her to Themyscira, where she was trained by the Amazons and eventually given super powers through the mysterious Purple Ray, which successfully transferred powers from the island’s Amazon inhabitants, it was during this issue that she adopted the name of Donna Troy.

Classic 1985 mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths redefined many DC characters in a company wide reboot, including Donna’s genesis. In this new variant of her history it was actually the mythical Titan Rhea that rescued Donna from the fire. Donna is raised on New Cronus by the Titans, alongside eleven other orphans receiving legendary powers, with each orphan named after a famous Greek city, with Troy being chosen for Donna. She also adopted the new pseudonym of Troia and a new Darkstar costume which contained the immeasurable power of the Titans themselves.


Post Crisis on Infinite Earths, Donna’s creation was changed once again. In this new concept, Donna was a magically created duplicate of Wonder Woman created by the sorceress Magala, as a playmate for WW. Being mistaken for Diana herself by the villainous Dark Angel, Donna is kidnapped, and cursed to consecutively live out virtually endless variations of past lives, with each defined by varying degrees of torment and misery. She was later saved from this endless cycle of suffering by Diana, Hippolyta and the third version of the Flash, Wally West. Realising that Donna was created from a sliver of Diana’s anima, Queen Hippolyta accepted her as a daughter, and during a coronation held on Themyscira, announced Troia as a second Princess to the Amazon nation.

DC Comics, seemingly not content with having only three (!?) variants of Donna’s complicated past decided that a fourth version was necessary, which resulted in the 2005 released mini-series The Return of Donna Troy, though this four issue run did attempt to clear up Donna’s multiple origin tales and give the fans a definitive version of their second favourite Amazon warrior.


Through this titanic tale, she realised she was an amalgamation of multiple Donna Troys from across DC’s multiverse, retaining knowledge and memories from each and every variant of herself.

And just when you think that DC had confused poor old Donna enough, along came their 2011 reboot The New 52. Once again DC fundamentally changed their slew of Superheroes’ background storylines, including that of Ms Troy.

dtroy new52

Initially Donna is nowhere to be found during this rambunctious reboot, with the most recent version of Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark taking centre stage at the forefront of the Amazon acolytes. It was much later, in the pages of Meredith and David Finch’s take on Wonder Woman, that Donna re-emerged into Amazon mythology with an origin rather similar to an earlier tale. Created in Wonder Woman’s image by her enemies, Donna’s job was to usurp the Amazon princess and wrest control, but is ultimately defeated by Diana, which sets her on a path of some serious soul searching.

4578074-8613358990-donna - Edited.jpg

“Suffering Sappho” are you confused,and perplexed enough thus far!? well nevertheless it isn’t over yet for luckless Donna and her multiple choice past. In 2016, DC’s Rebirth ushered in another soft reboot of their unique universe and with it another obligatory Donna variable! We can but hope that this time Donna can finally have some closure on her convoluted origin story, but I wouldn’t put money on it…

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 3) #1

ww v3 1

A warm breeze caresses our face as we cross a small river that quietly flows its way through the centre of the paradise island known as Themyscira. Just up ahead lies the intricately carved gateway that leads down to the ancient Amazon archives, where great tales of heroism and legends may be found, and retold in “Classic Wonder Woman” Precinct1313’s comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Diana Prince.

This weeks cool cover celebrates the beginning of a new chapter for the Amazon Herald, as we join Donna Troy as the new holder of the title of Wonder Woman, in the very first issue of volume-3 of the awesome Amazon’s continuing adventures. This terrific tome is brought to you by – Writer: Allan Heinberg. Artists: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, and Alex Sinclair, with the colossal cover by Terry Dodson. Released: August 2006.

Dt - Edited

The tantalising tale secreted behind the captivating cover is titled “Who Is Wonder Woman” and picks up one year after the catastrophic events of Infinite Crisis. Diana has stepped away from the role of Wonder Woman, passing the mantle unto Donna Troy. Donna was once known as Wonder Girl and is Diana’s exact duplicate, brought to life by the Sorceress Magala originally as a playmate for the Themysciran Princess. Donna made her first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #60″ in 1965. Created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. She is most fondly remembered as a founding member of The Teen Titans, though she has also allied herself with, The Justice League, Darkstars and the White Lantern Corps.

Join us again next time for another classic WW cover, my affable Amazonian associates!

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 2) #124

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

The far flung, exotic shores of Themyscira bid us once again my Amazon loving affiliates, as we continue our  weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. This week we emerge from the depths of the Amazon archives with;  Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #124. Written and illustrated by John Byrne, with cover art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Released in August 1997.

This weeks tantalising tale is titled “All My Sins Remembered” and follows Diana and Artemis as they continue their descent into Hell to confront the demonic Neron, it is here that the amazing Amazon will face her greatest challenge and her ultimate tragedy. This issue also presents us with two generations of Diana’s celebrated consort Wonder Girl, Donna Troy whose origin we covered in an earlier episode, and the most recent and current holder of the title, Cassandra Sandsmark.

Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark

Wonder Girl – Cassie Sandsmark

Cassie was created by John Byrne in 1996, and made her first appearance in Wonder Woman (volume 2) #105. She was first introduced as the daughter of archaeologist Helena Sandsmark, who discovered magical artifacts that bestowed super powers to her daughter, which she subsequently used to fight crime as the new Wonder Girl. It was later revealed to her that she was in fact a demi-goddess and the daughter of Zeus himself.

In 2011, DC relaunched their universe as the “New 52” to re-establish a new continuity for their characters, essentially a massive reboot with many characters having their back-stories retold and in some cases changed entirely. With Wonder Woman’s origin completely revised so that she became the daughter of Zeus, Cassie also underwent a complete revision of her roots. Re-introduced in the pages of Teen Titans as a super powered thief with demonic infused bracelets, she is inducted into the team of teens by Batman’s ex-protege, Red Robin.  It is later revealed that she is the niece of Wonder Woman and the daughter of Lennox Sandsmark, Diana’s half brother.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astounding Amazonian associates!

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #265

(Copyright DC Comics)

(Copyright DC Comics)

Welcome once more friends, to our weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the amazing Amazon. This week we scour the Amazonian archives to bring you; Wonder Woman #265, released in March 1980. Written by Gerry Conway, with cover and interior art by Dick Giordano, Ross Andru, and Jose Delbo.

This impelling issue contains two classic tales, “Land Of The Scaled Gods”, where Diana teams up with an American astronaut on the world’s first space shuttle mission, only to be thwarted by some aliens who bring the craft down into a hidden valley of dinosaurs (don’t you just hate it when that happens!?) The second titanic tale secreted between the comic pages is, “Mr Jupiter Is Dead”, starring the girl of wonder herself, Donna Troy.

Donna and Diana, Amazon elite

Donna and Diana – Amazon Elite

Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, was created in 1965 by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, making her first appearance in “The Brave And The Bold” #60. Though her origin story has changed over the decades, the original (and my favourite) genesis of the character is that Donna was created by the sorceress Magala to be a playmate for Diana. Using a mirror of mystical origin, Magala created a duplicate of Diana, though gifted the creation with her own personality, and named her Donna.

Wonder Women - Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl 2) and Diana

Wonder Women – Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl 2) and Diana

On her very first adventure, Donna was abducted by Dark Angel believing her to be the real Wonder Woman, he proceeded to curse her to experience an unending cycle of countless tragic lives. In one of her abject experiences, Donna was orphaned from an early age after her birth mother died. Moving from foster home to foster home, she was eventually caught in a calamitous fire in one of her temporary accommodations, but was rescued from the blaze, and her never ending cycle of misery and anguish by the Goddess Rhea, one of the mythological Titans. It was Rhea who gave Donna the name of Troy in homage to the ancient Greek city. Adopting the name Wonder Girl, she became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, alongside Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Green Arrow’s Sidekick, Speedy.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my achaean Amazonian associates!

Comic Cover Of The Week: Convergence – New Teen Titans #1

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

This weeks captivating comic cover is; Convergence: New Teen Titans #1, this particular issue has a real nostalgic resonance for me, starring my personal favourite line up of this classic super team. A return to the mid 70’s version of the Teen Titans, Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Donna Troy and Beast boy, the heroes of Crisis on Infinite Earthscome together to take on the Tangent Universe’s Doom Patrol.

The amazing cover is drawn by one of my favourite artists of all time, the fantastic Nicola Scott, and is written by the legendary Marv Wolfman, this is certainly an issue no DC fan should be without!

Convergence: New Teen Titans #1 is available from your local comic book emporium right now. Written by: Marv Wolfman. Cover and interior art by: Nicola Scott and Marc Deering. Variant cover by: Chip Kidd.

Comic Cover Of The Week…

I know I said this probably would not become a regular feature here at the Precinct but, this is yet another exceptional cover from David Finch. If he continues on par with his awesome take on everyone’s favourite Amazon then I can see cover of the week being Wonder Woman every single time!

WW - #39

(DC Comics, 2015)

Wonder Woman #39 Plot Synopsis:

Diana returns to Themyscira to discover that in her absence, the Amazons have chosen a new Queen… Donna Troy! This issue also guest stars Batman and the Justice League.

This months issue also ships with two variant covers by David Finch, Batt and Phil Jimenez.

ww #39 variants

Wonder Woman #39 is available at your local comic emporium right now, with cover and interior art by David Finch and Batt (Matt Banning). Written by Meredith Finch.

New Comics Spotlight: Wonder Woman #38

WW #38

Welcome comic fans to another new comics Wednesday and a special issue of the amazing Amazon’s monthly adventures as a classic and much loved character returns to the DC universe and the world of the Amazons … Donna Troy. Donna’s return was set up in issue #37 when in the final few panels she was seem emerging from an enchanted cauldron, invoked by a sorceress with the words “Rise Donna Troy, take your rightful place amongst the Amazons”

Donna returns

The triumphant return of Donna Troy

Donna Troy was originally created by Bob Haney in 1965, and added to Wonder Woman lore as Wonder Girl, though not an Amazon by birth, she was an orphan rescued by Diana from a fiery demise when the apartment she lived in burnt to the ground. Taken to Themyscira Island and adopted by Queen Hippolyta, she was given the powers of the Amazons and became Wonder Girl, later joining the Teen Titans as one of their most loved and longest running members. Though her origin story has changed a few times over the years since her introduction, she has stayed fundamentally the same character in each variant version.

WW #38 2

This is another stand out issue from the new husband and wife creative team of Meredith and David Finch, again showing they really have what it takes to make the series their own after taking over from the extremely popular run by Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello, and the return of Donna Troy really is the proverbial icing on the cake a character I have missed greatly, though she is being set up as a rival to Diana as opposed to an ally. With the same powers and fighting skills, Wonder Woman may be in for a rough time at the hands of her former sibling.

Synopsis: With the Amazons turned against her, Wonder Woman has left Themyscira Island more uncertain of  her intentions than ever, with the mantle of the God of War weighing her down, where does she go from here?

Fantastic art by the ever impressive David Finch with the cover itself being a stand out, he really seems to be settling in to the world of Greek myths and Amazonian warriors. A variant cover by Rachel Dodson is also available. Wonder Woman #38 is available right now at your local comic-book emporium and as always is highly recommended.