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A Deadman Walks Again…


Boston Brand, better known as the supernatural Superhero… Deadman, will be returning to the pages of DC Comics in time for Halloween, in a new three issue prestige format mini-series this October.

The series which is titled ‘Deadman: Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love’  is to be set in the style of classic gothic romance comics of the 1960’s and 70’s. Deadman’s retro romantic realisation will be penned by Sarah Vaughn, a veteran of romance comic books, whose previous stories include ‘Ruined’ and ‘Alex & Ada’. The pencils will come courtesy of Lan Medina, who previously worked on Fables and The Punisher, and his particular style suits the look of this eldritch romance narrative beautifully.


Captivating visuals by Lan Medina

Deadman has been haunting the pages of DC Comics since he was first introduced in ‘Strange Adventures #5’ in 1967 by Carmine Infantino and Arnold Drake, having recently been a member Justice League Dark, DC’s premier team of mystical heroes, this upcoming series marks an interesting new direction for the character.

” A young woman with a conflicted heart and the ability to see ghosts, Berenice lives with her boyfriend, Nathan, in a grand mansion in New England but is growing closer and closer to her best friend, Sam. As she struggles with her heart’s desire, a dark presence settles over the mansion, drawing the attention of ghostly Superhero Deadman. As Berenice and Deadman seek to free the house and its inhabitants of Adelia Whitehall (known as the Darkness) vengeful rage, disturbing and sinister secrets emerge, leaving Berenice in grave danger.”

A gothic romance with a Superhero flair, Deadman: Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love will arrive in October 2016, with each subsequent issue released every other month.