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Comic Cover Of The Week: Batman Rebirth #24


The Bat, The Cat… And Wedding Bells!

Where exactly do Superheroes get married anyway?… mmmmmm, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Welcome my comic collecting cohorts to another instalment of Comic Cover Of The Week, and this week our splendiferous spotlight of excellence falls upon Batman Rebirth #24. This illustriously illustrated issue is brought to you by those ceaseless composers of comic-book craft – Tom King, Danny Miki and David Finch.

Writer Tom King sure knows how to weave a compelling tale or two, it has to be said, his run on the the Rebirth Batman title has been nothing less than astonishing. His prodigious writing talents run the gamut of horror, thriller, good old fashioned heroics and comedy… narrative-wise, he really is the King (pun most definitely intended!)

Batman #24 is an emotionally charged issue from beginning through to emotive end, the Bat, the Cat and wedding bells? it’s certainly a possibility as Gotham’s grim guardian sensationally gets down on one knee to propose to the feisty feline felon known as Catwoman. So will this mean a happy denouement to the trials and tribulations of the dark and scary one’s overtly complicated and melancholic life? Maybe, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, this is the Batman we’re talking about here, when has his life ever involved anything more than tragedy and vicissitude.


“Aftermath!” Gotham City is at peace… but a war is coming. Armed with the terrifying knowledge gained from the mysterious button, Batman must prepare for the coming storm by making a proposition to one of his enemies… one that may change everything for the Dark Knight and his allies.”

Batman #24 is available at your local comic book emporium right now.

New Comics Spotlight: Wonder Woman #36

Wondy #36..

Wonder Woman #36 heralds the arrival of a new creative team as writer Meredith Finch and her spouse, artist David Finch take over duties from former collaborators Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang after their successful 3 year run on the title. With the hugely popular reboot of the amazing Amazon by Azzarello and Chiang, it will be a hard act to follow for the Finch duo, though I am liking what I have read so far and as ever David Finch’s artwork is awesome.

Wondy vs Swamp Thing

When several villages in Thailand are destroyed by massive floods, Diana investigates what appears to be a terrible natural disaster only to discover that the floods are intentional when a mysterious figure is seen at each of the tragic incidents. This issue also includes a knock down/drag out fight between Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing and a touching confessional as Diana tells fellow Leaguer Aquaman of her struggle to cope with her many new roles as leader of the Amazons, the new God of War and one of the founding members of the Justice League.

Overall a good first issue from the new creative team, with a refreshingly different tone and style than Azzarello and Chiang’s run … recommended.