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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #313

(Copyright-DC Comics)

(Copyright-DC Comics)

Hola” fellow Wonder Woman fans, and welcome back once more to Precinct1313’s weekly comic-cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of the amazing Amazon. This week we present you with; Wonder Woman #313. Written by Dan Mishkin, with cover and interior art by Don Heck, Dick Giordano and Ed Hannigan. Released in March 1984.

The terrific tale secreted behind this classic cover is titled, The Animal Within, and recounts Diana’s search for Colonel Steve Trevor’s missing colleague Major Keith Griggs, who is believed to have been kidnapped in South America. Things take a turn for the bizarre however when the awesome Amazon discovers that Griggs has been turned into a man-beast servant of one of Diana’s most powerful adversaries, Witch Goddess… Circe!

Circe 02

Circe was created by Robert Kanigher and Harry Peter in 1949, and made her first appearance in Wonder Woman #37. The original take on the Greek Witch portrayed her as a centuries old sorceress, who gained her immortality from a rare elixir known as Vitae. A stunningly beautiful Goddess who delights in turning her adversaries into animals (much like her mythological forebear) This original version of Circe was eventually banished by Hippolyta to the island planet of Sorca, for her continuing crimes against humanity.

circe 03

Her second introduction into the DC universe first appeared in 1988, this post-crisis (Crisis On Infinite Earths was a maxi-series reboot of the DC Universe) version of Circe was re-envisioned by the legendary artist George Perez. Retaining some of her former history, Circe’s background was revamped and revised.

Circe is the daughter of Greek Titans Hyperion and Perseis, a powerful Witch and Princess of the isle of Colchis. Beautiful and deadly, this purple haired temptress still enjoys turning her foes into animals that befit their personality (known as Beastiamorphs) She has worshipped the Goddess of magic and witchcraft Hecate for millennia, up until Hecate eventually transferred her soul into Circe, her most devoted follower, after the Gods of Olympus turned their back on her. Which enabled Circe to attain her current status as an immensely powerful Witch-Goddess.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astounding Amazonian associates!