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Happy Birthday to the greatest Superman ever…


Today would have marked the 62nd birthday of the late great Christopher Reeve, also known as Clark Kent … Superman. Christopher Reeve was born on September 25th 1952 in New York city, his father Franklin Reeve was a teacher and published novelist and his mother Barbara was a journalist. Christopher attended Princeton school where he excelled from a young age both academically and in many sports, he also loved drama and spent a lot of his earlier school years on stage in many student plays, his first role was when he was nine years of age in the play Yeoman of the guard.


After leaving college, Christopher received a contract to work in the San Diego Shakespeare festival where he would have many roles in performances such as, Richard III and George IV amongst others. He also travelled to the UK for a short time where he found work in the famous Old Vic theatre in London. On his return to the US, he continued to work in plays including some on Broadway until his first role in a Hollywood movie called Gray Lady Down in 1978. The day after auditioning for the role of Superman in Richard Donner’s big budget version of the classic Superhero, Christopher received a 300 page script of the film cementing him as the future face of the Man of Steel. Though he was rather tall, he didn’t have the necessary build to play Superman and so he left for London once more where he trained under Darth Vader himself David Prowse. The film was a massive success and paved the way for many more sequels, and Christopher himself became a huge overnight star and won a BAFTA for his portrayal of the much loved Superhero.

In May of 1995, at an equestrian event that he was competing in, Christopher was thrown from his horse and suffered a severe spinal cord injury which left him permanently paralysed and wheelchair bound. He spent his time lobbying and helping people with similar injuries eventually opening the Christopher Reeve foundation and spinal injuries research centre. Christopher sadly died in 2004 from cardiac arrest, he was kind and gentle man in real life and was very much like a real life version of the Superhero he portrayed on screen … Happy Birthday Chris, you will always be a Superhero to us your fans!

Superman’s debut comic sells for 3.2 million dollars!

supes classic

An almost mint condition copy of Action comics #1 sold in an E-bay auction for a little over 3 million dollars, the 1938 comic features the ground-breaking debut of the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created character Superman, the record breaking bid was made by New York comic dealers – Steven Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo.

It is estimated that there exist only about 150 copies of Action comics #1 worldwide, in various conditions, though the copy sold in the auction is rated a 9.0 out of 10, a near mint grade which is unusual for comics of this age. In comparison a copy of ┬áDetective comics #27, which heralded Batman’s debut, sold in auction in 2010 for just over 1 million dollars and at the time was the most expensive comic book ever sold. Apparently some of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the former Superman actor – Christopher Reeve Foundation, which is dedicated to curing spinal cord injuries.


Still the greatest Supes of all time!