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Precinct1313 Recommends: Black Canary – Ignite

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Black Canary: Ignite is yet another excellent entry into DC Comic’s burgeoningĀ Graphic Novels For KidsĀ line, an accessible and fun series of original stories that beset readers’ imaginations with tales of classic Superheroes, and villains, in their teen years. Our last dalliance with this superlative series of character chronicles was with the marvellous mistress of magic herself – Zatanna. This effervescent episode will see us rendezvous with the bodacious and boundless – Black Canary!

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The DC Zoom line of graphic novels are a delight in every way, spotlighting beloved heroes (and sometimes villains) in scintillating scenarios of superheroic discovery. Quite often revolving around the stresses and strains of school, friends, family and an innate inner reflection of what it really means to be gradually elevate towards becoming a bona-fide Superhero! This recent epic excursion into Black Canary’s convoluted and colourful journey hits all those notes perfectly, and is a coming of age drama that is a compulsory chronicle to all fans of this fantastic character.

This tenacious tale follows thirteen year old Dinah Lance as she navigates her way through the rigours of youth.You see, Dinah wants to follow in the footsteps of her father and join the Gotham City Police Academy as a potential candidate, and with her school’s annual career week impending, she intends to do just that, to the chagrin of her parents, who just want her to land a safer vocation, away from the conflict and detritus that her father faces on a daily basis as a detective in Gotham City.

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Though, Dinah isn’t like all the other students, she has a gift, a meta human power that is yet to be discovered. Whilst chilling with her best buddies, hurling tunes as the lead singer of a raucous rock band and deflating school bullies, Dinah begins to notice rather odd occurrences happening around her, and, to her consternation, her prudish school Principal Vogel also has discerned these strange events, and is determined to out Dinah’s Meta-human gift to the world.

When a mysterious and shadowy super-villain also habitually turns up to complicate poor Dinah’s home and school life by threatening family and friends, Dinah sets out to turn the tables on these negative naysayers and discovers that not only does she have a super power that enables her to fight back against these blights to her happiness, but that her mum is also hiding a secret identity, as the famed costumed crime-fighter, also known as the original Black Canary! With these wild revelations laid bare, Dinah determines to embrace her glorious gift and follow in the influential footsteps of her parents and fight back against the bullies and villains who egregiously endanger her loved ones.

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Black Canary: Ignite is another absolutely wonderful coming of age drama from DC Comics, following in the fantastic footsteps of previous Zoom titles – Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, Teen Titans: Raven and Teen Titans: Beast Boy. At it’s heart the story is a poignant parable of mother/daughter bonding, but also the gradual acceptance of superhuman prowess and one’s heritage and birthright. Expertly crafted by magnificent manuscript manipulator – Meg Cabot, and impeccably illustrated by Cara McGee, Ignite is a touching and momentously moving tale that is highly recommended to kids of all ages.

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