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Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #250

(Wonder Woman, DC Comics, 1941-2015)

(Wonder Woman, DC Comics, 1941-2015)

The Amazon archives open once more, as we continue our weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of everyone’s favourite Themysciran princess. This week we present you with; Wonder Woman #250, written by Jack Harris, with cover and interior art by Rich Buckler, Jose Delbo and Joe Giella, released in December 1978.

A milestone 250 issues in, and you would think that Diana would be celebrating her status as the World’s most famous and important female superhero, instead, on her return to Themyscira, Diana is challenged by one of her sister Amazons, Orana to fight for her right to become the new Wonder Woman. Accepting the challenge, and after a close and hard fought battle, Diana eventually loses the tournament and relinquishes her crown to Orana, who becomes the new envoy of the Amazons.

Orana WW #250

Under the law laid down by the Gods of Olympus, any Amazon has the right to challenge for the role of Amazon envoy Wonder Woman, a tournament would be held to test the aspiring Amazons that would judge not just their physical mettle and martial skills, but also their cognitive and psychological expertise. This tournament would culminate in the ultimate test of speed and agility, what has become known now as ‘bullets and bracelets’. The two Amazons who successfully make it through to the final trial would be subject to the definitive test of their reflexes, by deflecting projectiles (the arrows of the past were superseded by bullets in modern day) using their bracelets of submission, the last standing Amazon would be crowned Wonder Woman.

As an interesting side note, the WW #250 cover was re-imagined this year as part of February’s Harley Quinn variant month, with the Joker’s favourite gal taking the place of Orana.

WW 250 comparison

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astute Amazonian associates!

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #177

(DC comics, Wonder Woman, 1941-2015)

(DC comics, Wonder Woman, 1941-2015)

Welcome back friends to another instalment of Classic Wonder Woman, Precinct1313’s weekly comic-cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of everyone’s favourite Amazonian superhero. This week we present you with: Wonder Woman #177, released in 1968, written by Bill Finger, with cover art by Irv Novick and interior art by Win Mortimer and Jack Abel.

WW #177.1

This classic issue contains a titanic clash between Diana and Kara Zor-El, better known to most people as Supergirl, in a story entitled, Wonder Woman & Supergirl versus the planetary conqueror. The above image of the colossal struggle between Diana and Kara is one of the few pieces that show Wonder Woman without her iconic bullet deflecting bracelets (which are removed pre-fight).

The Bracelets of Submission, to give them their true name are worn by the Amazons as a reminder of the years that they were subjugated by demi-god Hercules. Centuries after gaining their independence, they continue to wear the bracelets as a symbol of their past oppression. Diana’s bracelets were originally formed from the legendary, Shield of Aegis.

WW bracelets of submission

The inspiration for the creation of the bracelets originated with Diana’s creator, William Moulton Marston, who based them on the bracelets that his lover Olive Byrne would frequently wear. 

Join us again in a weeks time for another classic WW cover, my admirable amazonian associates!