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The Mass Effect … Blog Faves Presents: LMG Comics

shepard me

Welcome once again friends to another installment of Blog faves, where I point you in the direction of great blogs that I personally believe are fantastic and worthy of your time. There are literally millions of sites out there that don’t get the attention that they probably deserve, so I will be highlighting my favourites for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s recommendation is, this is a blog mainly used to promote an extremely entertaining web comic called Little Monster Girl, the artist/writer is talented and funny and I always enjoy my visit to the site … warning may contain boobs!

The Mass Effect … Blog Faves

shepard me

Welcome fellow bloggers to a new feature where I will direct you toward some of my favourite blogs on WordPress, my very own site is still in its relative infancy at only four months, but thanks to other fellow bloggers showing their support it has started to attract more readers and followers … so this is a way I can show my thanks. Today’s recommendation is –

Toy Meets World is actually the first blog I started following when I opened an account on WordPress, the site author is someone I have known for a number of years now (in the real world, not the virtual one!), Adam is a lovely guy and an extremely talented writer, his posts never fail to make me smile and at times laugh my arse off! So why not head over there and show his site some love … I absolutely guarantee you will adore his musings, definitely a hidden gem.