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New Comics Spotlight: Futures End – Motion Covers

The Futures End motion month is up and running, with some stunning 3D covers already released we thought we would share with you our favourites from this weeks titles, these are available now from your local comic book emporium.

bats 3d

 Batman; Future’s End #1 is written by Ray Fawkes and Scott Snyder, with interior art handled by Aco and the motion cover by Jason Fabok.

Synopsis: Five years on and Batman is utilising dangerous sciences and more extreme measures in his war on crime in Gotham, but what drove him to do this?

batgirl 3d

Batgirl: Future’s End #1 is written by the amazing Gail Simone, with interior art handled byJavier Garron and the motion cover by Clay Mann.

Synopsis: Five years in the future, Batgirl has become – Bete Noire..’ the Black Beast’ and leads a team of  female agents through Gotham’s underground.

constantine 3d

Constantine: Future’s End #1 is written by Ray Fawkes, with interior art and motion cover by Juan Ferreyra.

Synopsis: After five long years John Constantine finally claims the occult – Helmet of Fate, but how will he use this new found power?

Batgirl’s new look

Batgirl's new costume.

Poor old Babs Gordon has definitely been through the emotional wringer over the past two years, her estranged mother returns to Gotham city is promptly kidnapped by the Joker and Batgirl is forced into almost marrying him. On top of this she finds out her brother James is a serial killer, and of course the constant fight against the criminal underbelly of Gotham have taken their toll on her.

So from issue #35, Batgirl will be moving to Gotham’s trendy borough of  Burnside and concentrating more on having a life outside of the cape and cowl. With the move also comes a new costume, and a new creative team for the comic itself with writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and the appropriately named Babs Tarr handling the artwork. We wish Babs all the best in her new ventures.

Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

Welcome back…

NUMBER 2 is: The Batman.


Batman-real name Bruce Wayne was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, his first appearance was Detective comics#27 in May 1939. After his parents were brutally murdered in front of young Bruce’s eyes by Joe Chill, he swore an oath of vengeance against the criminals of his home..Gotham City. Spending his formative years training under the world’s greatest martial arts masters and learning other abilities such as ninjutsu and escapology, Bruce returned to Gotham to fight crime as the Batman.

Bruce was also born with a genius level intellect and was left a massive multi billion dollar fortune by his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Though he has no superpowers, Batman is quite possibly the most feared superhero in the DC universe…with the ability to seemingly appear and disappear at will, most criminals (and some superheroes) believe he is a supernatural creature of the night akin to a vampire. Using this reputation, his advanced skills and his ‘toys’, Batman with the help of other Gotham guardians (including Batgirl, Robin and Batwoman) manages to just about keep the streets of Gotham from overflowing in crime and supervillains.

Batman to date has the largest amount of appearances outside of comics than any other character, with movies and television shows dating back to the 1940’s. His popularity has never waned and he is as beloved today as when he was created  seventy five years ago. This year is the year of the Bat, being his 75th anniversary and I am sure he will still be with us in another seventy five years!

As a side note, Batman was originally going to share the number one spot on this list, as we love this character so much and felt bad about putting him at number two. But as Christopher Lambert said in Highlander..’there can be only one!’, join us tomorrow friends to see who that is.