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World’s Finest: An Exclusive Interview With Cheetah

Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to yet another exhilarating episode of “World’s Finest” a series of exclusive interviews that aims to introduce you to some of our very favourite convocation of comic-book characters of… all… time!

Each episode we cordially invite one of our most treasured – Superheroes, SuperVillains, Costumed Crimefighters, Dimension Dwelling Demons, and of course Super-Pets, to answer a quotient of quintessentially quirky questions about life, the universe, and cake (’cause everyone loves cake)

And so, let us welcome to Precinct1313’s sardonic sofa of satirically sanguine secrets, the calculatedly capricious cat of callously combative charisma – Cheetah.


Precinct1313: Hi there Cheetah, and thank you so much for joining us on this weeks World’s Finest… erm, you, uh, appear to be sniffing me, it’s rather disconcerting, I must say

Cheetah: Yesssss, I always love to sniff out my prey…

Precinct1313: I see, well… hang on, did you just say prey!?

Cheetah: You do know who I am right?

Precinct1313: Why of course, you’re Barbara Minerva – The Cheetah, I’m a huge fan… in fact you’re probably my favourite SuperVillain of all time!

Cheetah: SuperVillain!? oh how sweet, you’re kind of cute… you know, for potential food!

Precinct1313: I’m sorry… you want to eat me?

Cheetah: Once again, and I’ll say it slower this time, You… Do… Know… Who… I… Am… Right!?


Precinct1313: I, erm, uh, am feeling rather perturbed right now, but… being the consummate professional I am, will continue (whilst maybe whimpering a tad, do forgive me)

Cheetah: Heh…

Precinct1313: You are primarily known as Wonder Woman’s arch-nemesis, but I believe before you became The Cheetah you were fast friends with the Themysciran Princess, so what exactly happened to change that?

Cheetah: I turned into a ferocious feline with a taste for man flesh, I find things like that can sour a friendship, especially one with a goody two shoes like Diana.

Precinct1313: I guess that makes sense, you also have the distinction of being the second most popular feline based character in comics, after sultry Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, any thoughts?

Cheetah: Hsssssss… Catwoman!? well firstly I’m THE most popular feline based villain, that so called cat lady is just a girl playing dress up, and I’ve also kicked her ass on several occasions… as I’m going to yours, if you mention her again!

Precinct1313: Moving swiftly on…

cheetah v the cat.jpg

Precinct1313: Now, you were created by two of comicdom’s most legendary creators, George Perez and Len Wein, a great honour I’m sure…

Cheetah: Why are you asking me these questions? and I have never heard of either of those people, I was created by the ancient God Urzkartaga.

Precinct1313: Well you see Cheetah, Precinct1313 exists between dimensions which is what allows us the unique ability to interview fictional beings such as yourself for this show.

Cheetah: Fictional? sorry did you say show? I thought I was invited over here for dinner.

Precinct1313: Uuuuh, there’s no food I’m afraid.

Cheetah: Oh, I beg to differ…

Precinct: I, uh, really don’t like that glint in your eye… and on that note, thank you so much for joining us on this weeks World’s Finest, any final words?

Cheetah: Could you pass the salt!

Precinct1313: Eeep!!

ba minerva.jpg

Cheetah, and all images are copyright: DC Comics.

Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #275

(Copyright - DC Comics)

(Copyright – DC Comics)

It’s time once more for us to delve into the Amazon archives, in our ongoing weekly comic cover countdown to the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. This week we present you with; Wonder Woman #275, written by Gerry Conway, with cover and interior art by Ross Andru, Dick Giordano and Jose Delbo. Released in January 1981.

The tale contained behind this classic comic cover is titled, “Claws of the Cheetah”. The newest incarnation of Wonder Woman’s nemesis the Cheetah, makes her debut with a splash, as she sabotages the Hampstead dam in Maryland, causing a catastrophic flood throughout the nearby town. Diana mounts a rescue attempt, saving most of the residents from a watery grave, but when she later clashes with her foe, Cheetah manages to briefly overpower Diana and steals her golden lasso.

Priscilla Rich - the original Cheetah

Priscilla Rich – the original Cheetah

Though Diana has fought a plethora of mythological creatures, gods and criminal masterminds throughout her long and illustrious career as Wonder Woman, one character in particular rose to the forefront to become her lifelong nemesis… Cheetah. There have been three significant versions of Cheetah since her initial introduction in Wonder Woman #6 in 1943. Priscilla Rich was the original character to take up the name of Cheetah, a bored socialite with a split personality, who would dress up in a Cheetah outfit to combat Wonder Woman on a regular basis. Priscilla was the longest running version of the character, holding the title up until her retirement in 1980.

Debbie Domaine - Cheetah mark-2

Debbie Domaine – Cheetah 2

The next significant version of Wonder Woman’s arch-enemy was Deborah Domaine, Debbie is the niece of original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich. A beautiful and smart debutante who feels remorse for her wealthy upbringing and decides to devote her life to becoming an environmental activist. When Debbie is summoned to her aunt’s home, she finds her suffering from a grave and ultimately terminal illness, Priscilla attempts to tell Debbie of her former secret identity, but succumbs to her illness before she has the chance. Soon after Priscilla’s death, Debbie is captured by Kobra, an international terrorist and mad scientist who originally wanted her aunt to join his gang but settled for Debbie after Priscilla’s untimely death. After revealing the secret of her aunt’s dual identity, Kobra tortures and brainwashes Debbie into becoming the new face of Diana’s feline foe.

Barbara Minerva - Cheetah 3

Barbara Minerva – Cheetah 3

Cheetah number 3, and quite possibly the most popular is Barbara Minervaa British born archaeologist and heiress of a vast family fortune. An ambitious, highly intelligent but unstable personality who develops a passion for archaeology and treasure hunting, that eventually leads her on a journey into Africa to search out a tribe who use a female guardian with the powers of a Cheetah for protection. After a band of marauders kill the original guardian, Barbara along with the support of the tribe’s priest sets out to become the new embodiment of the mystical Cheetah. 

Upon being told she would become immortal, Barbara agrees to the ceremony that would endow the spirit and powers of the Cheetah to her through ingesting human blood mixed with leaves from the tribe’s plant-god Urtzkartaga. Unfortunately for Barbara, the host is required to be a virgin, which Barbara is not, this results in her experiencing bouts of severe pain and discomfort whilst in human form, and bloodthirsty intoxication and euphoria whilst in her animalistic form of the Cheetah.

Join us again next week for another classic WW cover, my astounding Amazonian associates!

Super-Villain Sunday: Cheetah

Cheetah 1

Super-Villain Sunday this week is dedicated to one of my personal favourite villains and Wonder Woman’s lifelong nemesis, Cheetah. There have been several different versions of the character over the years beginning with Priscilla Rich who was created by William Moulton Marston and HG Peter in 1943 making her first appearance in Wonder Woman #6. Priscilla is the original golden age Cheetah, a spoilt rich girl with an inferiority complex and a split personality, who when shown up by Wonder Woman at a charity event attempts to kill the awesome Amazon but ultimately fails. Later falling into the mire of her split personality, Priscilla dons a costume and becomes the first Cheetah.

Cheetah 2

Cheetah number 2 was Debbie Domaine niece of Priscilla Rich, a very different personality than that of her Aunt, Debbie was an ecology activist and originally a good friend of Wonder Woman. After her Aunt dies, Debbie is kidnapped by the villainous group Kobra and told of her Aunt’s secret identity, tortured and then brainwashed by them she becomes the new embodiment of the Cheetah.

Cheetah 3

Cheetah number 3 and the current and most popular is Barbara Minerva, a British archaeologist and heiress. Barbara originally got her powers from an African tribe who have a female guardian with the abilities and powers of a Cheetah, after the original guardian is killed by a band of fortune hunters, Barbara with the aid of the tribe’s priest takes over the role as the Cheetah. She first clashes with the Amazonian Princess when she hears stories of the Lasso of Truth and sets off to wrestle control of it from Diana, so she can add it to her vast collection of historical items. Barbara’s history was altered recently when DC relaunched it’s titles as the New 52 in 2011, she is still a treasure hunter who comes into possession of a long lost dagger once belonging to the Amazons, after accidentally cutting herself with the blade she becomes possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt turning her into a half Cheetah replete with super speed, strength and agility.

Super-Villain Rating: This cat got the cream, and everything else!