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Batman v Superman: It’s Time To Stop The Hate


And it’s amazing to me that the hate continues, in fact it can be said that a lot of the negativity comes from people who haven’t even seen the movie. I mean let’s be honest how can you really make an informed opinion on anything if the only reference you have is ‘Somebody else’s opinion’ Yes Batman v Superman is a divisive film, yes it does remake the Superhero movie in a new and completely different direction (more Watchmen than Avengers) but that’s exactly what this genre of film fiction needs. It needs the creativity and diversion from the norm, it presents the viewer with a film that doesn’t conform to what has gone before. This is an intelligent and realistic approach to how man would react to a godlike being amongst them, its former saviour, The Batman, though often seen as superhuman is for all intense and purpose, just a man, flawed and emotionally culpable. And with the coming of a Superman, he feels powerless and frustrated.

If what you want from a comic-book movie is just action, jokes and a light hearted tale then that’s great, there are plenty of Marvel movies out there that are tailored just for you, and I applaud that take on the Superhero theme, it is a staple of its genre. But if you’re looking for something a lot deeper, with a more mature and less linear approach, then Batman v Superman is what you’re looking for.

The movie explores many themes, from religious context to conspiracy theories, its depth is what really divides the critics, the true comic book fan understands  what Snyder has achieved with this movie, but that also does not cut it off from the casual fan, every detail needed to enjoy a rollicking good movie is here, and it is FUN, contrary to the critics… fun does not necessarily mean light hearted, I mean, horror movies are fun, right?… why else would you watch them if you weren’t being entertained. Batman v Superman is a very important film in this genre, the most important… because it does things differently and that’s what keeps things fresh and exciting. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I implore that you do, it is a fantastically rendered dystopian look at Superheroes, ripped straight out of the greatest and most inventive decade of comics (the 1980’s.)


DC and Marvel are different beasts, each with their own take on the staple Superhero, and their movies reflect this beautifully, do not allow yourself to be swayed from watching an amazingly intense take on modern mythology.This post was once again written to help counterbalance the ridiculous amount of negativity that still abounds in media, the box office takings have proven that no matter what some random internet critic says, ultimately it’s the fans who decide if something is worthy of success, and in the case of Batman v Superman that success has been assured.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of The Critics…




Well it’s finally here, after close to three years of (indescribably torturous) waiting, Batman v Superman finally releases, to rapturous applause from the fans (currently sitting at 8.0 0n IMDB) but (surprise, surprise) hated on by many movie critics.

Now then, before we start on this (ever so slight) rant, let’s get some perspective on the matter. 1. It does not matter what other people think, all that really matters is what YOU think, if you find the movie enjoyable then… awesome. 2. A critic is literally just giving their opinion, in the great scheme of things their opinion does not affect your ability to love something, and in no way are critics right (or wrong) in their opinion… it is still just that, their opinion.


DC Comics invented the female Superhero, Wonder Woman’s inclusion in Batman v Superman is extremely important to the genre because not only is she able to match the male heroes, she can easily surpass them. Gal Gadot’s almost flawless appearance as the Amazing Amazon will help propel the industry to create more movies with strong female leads, which is fantastic and long overdue. Diversity is a good thing folks, so hurrah for DC and Zack Snyder… but are the critics applauding this? no, because… DC!

Ok, let’s get this out of the way right now… yes I am a DC fanatic, and no I don’t read Marvel comics (well that’s not completely true, I do actually occasionally buy ‘The Punisher’) but I don’t hate Marvel, I just grew up loving DC’s characters and worlds and never personally found Marvel’s heroes and villains anywhere near as engaging (apart from the aforementioned Frank Castle, of course) But I do not actively bash others for their love of something, I have no right to do that… to each their own is my mantra friends.

Now then, with all that said, I have noticed over the past few years since the mountainous onslaught of cinematic comic-book adaptations, an inherent bias in the reviewing industry. There are now several websites that I avoid because of their actively transparent anti DC and Zack Snyder bias (allow me to clarify this point, this does not include any WordPressers, I am talking about corporate websites) of course, they have every right to bash, criticise and hate on something as much as they want (and I dutifully uphold that right) but I also have the right to not visit, read or subject myself to their opinions.


Movie critics are actively bashing Batman v Superman for being “too dark and gritty!” but applauded the (awesome) Dark Knight trilogy for the same thing!…  Mmmmm!?

Right now you may be thinking – “but, ArcaneHalloween, are you not a critic yourself seeing as you run a comic-book review website” and it’s a logical thought. The thing is though, I never, ever, review things I don’t love, Precinct1313 is dedicated to the appreciation of DC Comics and Cult movies not criticising, disparaging or belittling other people’s passions in life. In fact it’s thanks to the diversity of one person to another that we have so many distinct choices open to us when it comes to comic books, movies, music, et al…

The majority of featured reviews on aggregate websites such as – Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have been almost uniformly scathing. And once again I do reserve their right to their opinion, but it seems that a lot of the critics either don’t seem to understand what makes a great comic-book or character adaptation, or have not really put a great deal of time and effort into maybe doing some research on the subject matter at hand before giving their opinion. “Too dark and gritty” is a common theme amongst many of these negative reviews, there is a reason for this Mr Critic, the comic-book storylines this particular movie are based upon are just that… Dark and Gritty (see here for details on that one friends) The same reviewers actively applauded Christopher Nolan for doing exactly this with his Dark Knight Trilogy.

It is definitely the case that a lot of critics went in with the preconceived notion of disliking the movie, based upon the trailers (which were mostly fantastic) plus a lack of inherent knowledge of the comics and the history of the main characters, and a dislike of its director’s previous films. One review in particular called out the film because, and I quote “Since when did Batman and Superman ever fight each other anyway, what a ridiculous premise they made up for this movie” I once again refer them to this piece here. Research reaps rewards Mr Critic.

One of the better reviews of the movie is ComicBookMovie.Com, which you can read right here a well informed non biased view of the film at hand, a great read.


Don’t be sad Bats, we still love ya!

“It’s not like the Marvel movies” is another favourite, and thank Zeus for that, not because I think the Marvel movies are bad, but because (as mentioned earlier) diversity is a good thing… variety is the spice of life folks.

And don’t get me started on the whole “Zack Snyder is untalented” nonsense, I refer you to this line… ‘Those who can, do… those who can’t, criticise.’  Snyder is a wonderful film maker, a visual auteur who loves the medium he works in, and this shines through in his fantastic movies. Remember this is the man who gave us the tremendous “300” and the (supposedly unfilmable) masterpiece that is “Watchmen” I guarantee, you sit any film critic down in a director’s chair and they would be bewildered by the amount of skill that is needed to create a movie, or craft a world through which millions of people will be breathlessly transported and lost to for two plus hours of their lives. Making movies is not easy Mr Critic, please stop trivialising it.

Now please understand I am not denigrating critics for their opinion on films or even saying they’re wrong, they have every right to them, but so do I and the millions of fans who just want to enjoy their chosen piece of fantasy mayhem. I think that since the inception of internet media, a lot more people put way too much in stock in what some random online critic says about a movie rather than just taking the time to judge it for themselves.

Critics criticise it’s what they do. Ignore the backlash, head to the cinema and judge the film on it’s own merits, and I guarantee you will have one hell of a good time for the two and a half hour run time, I mean who doesn’t want to see the two biggest Superheroes of all time throwdown in an intense battle royale! batman

Please feel free to agree or disagree about this in the comments, I would love to hear your reactions on not just this post, but also the film itself. 

Call Me Snake…


Well, well…what a surprise, Hollywood – that bastion of original ideas, is remaking (ruining would be the better term), yet another classic 80’s movie..this time – Escape from New York. Now then, I am an 80’s kid, my formative early years were spent in the company of Snake Plissken, Robocop, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and all the other amazing celluloid heroes and villains of that great decade. These classic movies hold up as well today as they did back then, thanks to wonderful story telling, great actors and amazing directors, plus most of them were more than the sum of their parts, with an underlying message or theme that was indicative of the era they were made.


Hollywood are incapable of replicating the feel or theme of these classic movies, and yet they continue to churn out badly written remakes, with no wit or feeling and certainly no kind of social awareness or depth. Now some of you may say that all they are doing is updating them for a modern audience, and yet every remake so far had been a braindead, effects driven dud that is unable to compete with their superior forebears.

Halloween, Robocop, Friday the 13th, Total Recall, Fright Night, Poltergeist, Escape from New York….the list goes on, and if they’re not remaking 80’s movies, it’s Japanese or European horror, there really is no originality left anymore…I look to the independent scene more and more, it is here that all the great new ideas spring from these days…sigh, so friends, what are your thoughts on this…please feel free to discuss this in the comments.